Petition Launched To Release British Soldier Who Fought ISIS – PLEASE SIGN

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4 Responses

  1. chris VN says:

    fb is really grovelling to the lefties and muslim appeases and apologists, they just gave me a 24 hr ban for replying to a post about people who have gone to fight AGAINST ISIS, and are now getting a hard time on their return, here is my comment, I thought it was actually good advice.

    ” These blokes should be given jobs in counter terrorism, etc, they know how muslim scum thinks and acts.( they might even recognise a few ” migrants ” from there?? ). ”

    How is that so called ” hate ” speech, because it is probably true.

  2. Margaret Foggin says:

    I will sign when I see petition ,BUT why don’t they mind their own business and support their own country

  3. Gail staples says:

    So wrong

  4. JAMES JOHNSON says:

    Should give his place inside to the moslem terrorist running about in this country free

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