BREAKING NEWS: Anne Marie Waters stays on ballot 

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2 Responses

  1. David Allen says:

    Not so much democracy, but the NEC confirming an earler decision, which was barmy to begin with. They often do this, but take a huge risk by misinterpreting the rules, if, indeed, that has happened. To any right minded individual banning AMW from standing as a parliamentary candidate, with no hope of winning, then allowing her to contest the party leadership is imbecilic. The earlier decision was so wrong, making this one suspect. It may turn out that they are wrong again, but let’s hope not. The word democracy is bandied about as if it were, somehow, the only consideration. Normally we refer to democracy and the rule of law. The law, is always paramount, and that includes the rules that our party is bound by. We don’t want a messy aftermath, after all.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    You had your chance to elect a forward thinking patriot as leader and you flunked it. Whether you like it or not, the threat of Islam is the biggest issue facing the British people and it is the biggest underlying reason for the Brexit vote. So, another own goal for UKIP, and now elects an ex-liberal democrat as its leader., thereby facing oblivion. various I left the party a year ago after the fiasco of Stephen Woolfe (alleged pugilist) plus the divisions on show by the most senior (egotistical) members of the party. You even seem to the interpret the word democracy in a ham-fisted way – let’s face it, UKIP has no future – time to pack up and go………

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