What should UKIP look for in a new leader??

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  1. Pat Bryant says:

    Due to the resignation of Steve Crowther from the NEC and being the person with the next highest number of votes in the November 2016 NEC election I attended my first meeting of the NEC today.

    I think that the author of this article would be impressed by what came out of the meeting. I do believe that it would meet his criteria.

    Gerrard Batten, our Interim Leader has ideas for policy, campaigns and fund raising – good pratical and inspiring ideas and Tony McIntyre the newly appointed Chairman has in the past few days been dilligently looking into things to find the best way forward for party organisation. Things will change. The Leadership will go ahead full steam. Organisational reform will take a little longer as it needs to be fully thought through and put to the members.

    I came away from the Meeting enthused and inspired.

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