Introduction to Sharia Watch

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2 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Tony Blair should be prosecuted for allowing sharia councils to be set up and Theresa May should join him in the dock for facilitating their funding. There must be something in our fragmented constitution that forbids the establishment of a religion within our borders that is is injurious to the interests of this country and it s rightful inhabitants. Perhaps something from 1688?
    Sharia enables the imams, elders and misogynist, racist bully boys of islam to wield unlawful power over citizens that should be ruled by British law only. It is intolerable and must not be tolerated.

  2. Joseph Ward. says:

    I’m afraid the liberal elite are not listening. They, wrongly, belive that the problem with Islam and it’s teaching will quietly dissappear and all will be well with the diversity of humans. Islam has always had the objective of submitting the world to its teachings, after all Islam means submit, and will continue down that road until the evil it preaches is driven from the western world. Anyone who believe that the west can embrace Islam without dire consequences to our way of life is living a dream.

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