Jane Collins MEP: A Letter to UKIP Members

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Latham says:

    What is important is to effectively communicate the message about what the UK Independence party is all about these days. We have spent many years campaigning for Brexit; now that it is on it’s way, given some protracted negotiations with the EU, we have to inspire confidence in our erstwhile supporters, with a new message. A democratic deficit now widely exists, not only here in the UK, but in Europe and the USA too. Minorities are speaking out with a loud voice on subjects that have no place among libertarians. The press and TV news media are happy to broadcast these minority opinions as having weight and substance, when they have little or no relevance. False news is now widespread. The task for the new leader of UKIP is to capture the spirit of widespread frustration and annoyance among many voters and to be able to translate this into policies that will unite our party together, in a form that has been lacking for a long time and drive us forward again with the electorate.

  2. John Youles says:

    Requests to change branch structure to be based on local authority boundaries rather than parliamentary constiuencies brushed aside by those at the top (TATT). Demand for our own branch to regain control of nomination process by having our own DNO (as other parties do) also ignored by TATT.

    Will you change these?

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