South East UKIP Leadership Hustings Report

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  1. forthurst says:

    On behalf of John Rees Evans, Andrew Price made two important claims: firstly that JRE had two megabackers up his sleave should he be elected; second, that JRE had the overwhelming support of YI. In the circumstances, with the cancellation of the YI Conference, neither of these claims are capable of being substantiated. JRE has therefore missed four crucial Hustings following the death of his father, and it is hard to see how he can make up much lost ground in these closing days of the campaign. This is a pity because, JRE is the only truly original thinker in the Leadership race as the others seem to be feeding off his previously published prospectus.

    Having been at the SE Hustings, it was hard to discern a candidate with the potential qualites to unite the party, reorganise the party and represent themselves, successfully, as a political leader rather than that of a pressure group with continuing internal squabbles and strife. Perhaps Henry Bolton
    being the most substantial and authoritative figure present might have an outside chance. At least Henry Bolton like JRE can point to having achieved major success outside the field of politics before purporting to be able to achieve success in leading UKIP, a far more difficult task.

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