Report: UKIP United Launch With A Smile

The new team all smiles!

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6 Responses

  1. Grummy says:

    I watched this event on Ben’s Facebook page but formed very different impressions from yours. The speeches were embarrassingly amateurish and convinced me only that UKIP would be finished in the event that this “team” wine the leadership contest.

    Congratulations to you, though. In your write-up you have made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and a pretty raddled sow at that.

    If that was David Coburn at his best, I simply shudder at how he must have performed in the past.

    My vote is not going here.

    • Robert Malyn says:

      Check this interview from the Scottish elections in 2016 out for Coburn at his most cringe worthy

      • Grummy says:

        Robert – thanks for that link. I was quite impressed with Bernard Ponsonby (whom I’d never seen before) for his touches of Andrew Neil. As for David Coburn, I think he came over as an obnoxious buffoon.

        You are spot-on in calling the interview cringe-worthy. It almost made me physically shudder.

        • Robert Malyn says:

          Basically Coburn comes across as Boris Johnson without the brain cells, under prepared and over arrogant.

          Look at the Interview from the GE2015. On that day I was supposed to be briefing him in Glasgow but he was 3 hours late.
          We also never got the Manifesto in advance. As Scottish leader he had no input into this manifesto neither did he pass this information for analysis. As a result the interview was a car crash!

  2. Robert Malyn says:

    David Coburn is a complete and utter embarrassment as well as being antidemocratic crony.
    He has been a complete and utter failure in Scotland – No MSPs in 2016 and only 5000 votes in GE2017
    His performances in TV debates and high profile interviews are always a car crash.
    I had the misfortune of working for him. Never known such a clueless inept boss in my life.
    He will be the Tories biggest recruitment sergeant!

  3. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Has this “team” declared any loyalty to any other candidate, who may well become the preferred leader, or will they spit out their respective dummies if someone else is elected? UKIP does not need to adhere to the outdated structures of the now completely failed three major parties. A strong leader with a strong individual personality, who believes strongly in leaving the EU in its entirety, a leader who is not afraid to face the onslaught of the tainted MSM in all its disguises and one who will face the opposition “warts and all” is what is needed. Brexit is the clarion call that will mobilise the “people’s army” once again. When that is achieved, we can consider a much broader approach to government.

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