BREAKING NEWS: 50+ Labour Brexit Rebels? 

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Dixon says:

    A great many politicians have utter contempt for those who vote them into their cushy jobs, no more so than when they sneer at the democratic process that conflicts with their exalted opinions.

  2. Colin. Lee says:

    Couldn’t agree more Sandbach from my Eddibury constituency one in question ,should be got rid or immediately,following own agenda,

  3. why dont we hear anything about the large sum of money that UK has on deposit in the European central Bank, What happens to that when we leave, ???, but to me the most worrying aspect about the possibility of the transition period. we will be subject to European courts of Justice decisions for a further two years but worst of all our armed forces will be drawn into the European army to fight a new cold war . if the so called brexiteers want to sanction the reintroduction of National service to this country and watch as their own offspring are forced to fight battles in far flung eastern european countries and not come home , then theyve only themselves to blame . , are you prepared to give Europe that power????

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