Kurten for Leader: Curtains for Cultural Marxism

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4 Responses

  1. Terra says:

    Gay marriage is not a moral dylema but a legal system dylema. Marriage is just a contract that a couple sign in order to stabilish tye separation procedures. If a gay couple decided to live together and buy a house together and a car together, the government should create the instances where that couple can separate under a lawfully approved system. In the other hand child abuse by homosexuals is not directly linked to gay marriage because Homosexuals still are able to abuse children regardless of the marriage framework systems in place. Probably is children adoption what we should be carefull with.

  2. Kalvin Chapman says:

    I could not vote DK. He believes that if I can get married he will some how be unable to have a wank or something. If I get married LITERALLY NOTHING in his life changes, yet he feels that whether or not I can get married is one of the most fundamental fights he must have. That makes him an idiot in my mind. He also said last week that the Trans Lobby in schools is in his top 3 of most important things. Yet he mentions it precisely no where in his leadership official paperwork. That suggests to me he is making it all up as he goes along and is hoping a huge number of people will follow him if he vomits up bull like that. I’m afraid it will not work.

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    DK is good on attacking cultural marxism. Unfortunately, he seems to believe that marriage is some sort of religious spiritual union that only a man and a woman can enter into because god said so. As an atheist woman married to an atheist man, I regard marriage as a social contract entered into on the basis of mutual affection and a wish to remain together for life, hopefully. If gay people get married, this does not undermine marriage as an institution in the least. DK also made some very questionable comments about links between child sexual abuse and being gay. I believe that most gay people are born homosexual and base this belief on knowledge of my adult gay son who wasn’t abused and knew he was gay even as a child, although he could not articulate that at the time.
    I’m going to vote for AMW and hope she wins, but if DK gets the most votes I hope he gives her a role in the team as an expert on islam and how to control it.

  4. Alan Williams says:

    Well said Alan. It is beyond ironic that elites in the grip of Cultural Marxism refuse to acknowledge the fact along with its self-destructive consequences.

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