The Practical Case for John Rees-Evans

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  1. Dee says:

    I’m voting AMW, but I’d love it if they could work together – great respect for John, if he wins I’m sure UKIP will be fine under his leadership.

  2. There only one candidate that has the experience of leading because he is level headed has been an officer and actually leading and dealing in political issues within the EU and for government. He is a born leader Sorry to say John is a gadget man trying to wave a magic wand mostly snake oil. He has no discipline and trying to be a fairy on top of a christmas tree giving out presents. The party needs discipline not cartwheels and cocks a crowing, leaders would use John for his talents but unfortunately he has no leadership skills. I and a few other wise people said he should stand as a candidate at a time when he was humming and Rrring. Members should take a good look at him as he is the only one of the candidates that could lead the party as he is the only professional hope the party has got. He is seriously patriotic and reminds me of Nigel Fargage 15 years ago. If people do not vote him in the party will be dead in 6 months time.

    • I miss out Henry Bolton’s name but most of you should of guest

      • Tom Commis says:

        I think you’ve got it the wrong way round, Bolton would be good in a managerial role, not as leader. MY purpose in writing the article was to focus on what the candidate offered us at branch level when it comes to fighting elections. Most of the candidates are focused on purely management issues like how the NEC is made up. John Rees-Evans offers both a platform that can enthuse voters and new members but also a methodology for success. There will be very little coverage of UKIP in the media in the next two years, if the new leader succeeds it will not be in the same way Farage suceeded.

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