Noel Matthews: What Now for UKIP?

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3 Responses

  1. T nicholls says:

    You Mr Matthews are the biggest part of the problem
    Weasel words

  2. Marty Caine says:

    The real truth of the matter is UKIP started off as a single issue party and it died as a single issue party because the man behind that single issue could not get away from UKIP quick enough. Now UKIP needs to either rest in peace or rise from the ashes and it will not do that by using the same methods that have allowed it to fail politically in the first place. UKIP gained its success through 2012/13 when it had a members forum connecting all its members so that everyone was singing off the same song sheet. The infiltrators first move in 2014 was to shut that forum down and brake that connect that was getting UKIP votes. The only candidate that is offering to fix that is John Rees Evans through his direct democracy plan and he is the only candidate that is wanting to give all members an equal voice in the party.

    I actually say this knowing full well that if JRE were to become the next leader of UKIP that would be detrimental to what I am doing now in politics but over the years I have seen so many good people put their hearts and soul into UKIP, that it would be a crying shame to see all that hard work go to waste. If you want UKIP to rise from the dead then JRE is the best choice, that is so long as he is allowed to implement his ideas of course!

  3. Kim Knight says:

    Sounds exactly Like Peter Whittle who is by far the best candidate to acheive the obtainable goals of the New Ukip

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