One Member’s Thoughts on 2017 UKIP Leadership Contest

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5 Responses

  1. forthurst says:

    Why was JRE using a notebook for his speech? Perhaps it was because his device including his prepared speech was stolen when his car was broken into, giving him very little time to prepare anything else? JRE made a huge effort to get to Gillingham and all he gets is an attack for recording his journey to reach the venue in time. If Mr Spalding had been paying attention he would have been aware that JRE has already slaughtered two live media attempts to attack him over his ‘gaffe’; do not underestimate JRE’s superior intellectual abilities.

    This was not an attempt at an objective appraisal of all the candidates but simply a plug for Henry, the safe Establishment candidate, when we need clear blue water between us and the Tories, to attract the swathes of disillusioned and disenfranchised who have left us or who have never joined, particularly the young. Henry may be the best of the continuity candidates, but we do need more, otherwise we will still peter out into insignificance whilst the deliberate destruction of our country by the enemy within, proceeds apace.

    • Chris Spalding says:

      I do not make any reference to JRE using a notebook so am puzzled why this should be an opening to a comment on my article. If indeed his prepared speech was on some piece of kit that was stolen the question arises why was there no backup or easily accessible copy? Such lack of preparation or planning shows exactly why he is not leadership material.

      Regarding the gaffe, it matters not how effectively you deal with such things, the simple fact is that it is out there and will continue to be reported and referred to time and again whenever somebody feels the need to attack UKIP. It simply should not have occurred in the first place. Have we learned nothing from the Paul Nuttall house and website debacles in Stoke?

      When it comes to ‘paying attention’ one should be clear I suggested the posting of the video was unwise not the recording of the journey! Indeed from viewing the footage there may be implication of some ‘undertaking’ of traffic. The point that forthurst is missing is that any future leader cannot afford to give our opponents any opportunity to ignore our policies and positions.

  2. You see what I see Henry defiantly takes the biscuit the others are clowns and lunatics, lol only one professional person stood out and also was well mannered he has a perfect background of leadership. But unfortunately the majority will not vote for him, because of the political indifference’s of which has ruined the party, since the referendum of which pulled every body together. The far right and far left nationalist hate the center right. One of the reasons I stepped away and now have started something very new. That cuts out the political indifference. A mixed politically minded people mostly amateurs can not win against the professional political elite with political media backing. The party needs to rebadge as did Nigel Farage its not seats in the commons or local government that will win the Day but the politician ears the medias ears and a big loud noise of truth and sensible solutions to Britain’s ills.

  3. Chris Spalding says:

    I have to agree. Leadership is vary rarely a naturally talent. Mostly it comes from training and experience. The British Military’s leadership courses whether for commission or non-commissioned officers, are by their very nature demanding. Henry Bolton’s CV lists his achievements and accomplishments. The question the other candidates should answer is “What have you actually done?”

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