Anne Marie Waters – Our Best Hope for Education

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    From: UKIP Campaign Support Team
    Date: 12 September 2017 at 20:02:11 BST
    Subject: For Britains Sake, Vote Anne Marie
    Reply-To: UKIP Campaign Support Team
    Voting time is here again.
    Before you cast your vote, take a few minutes to look at this. UKIP has not seen such a passionate leadership campaigner since Farage. This lady has the real ability to pull the party back together
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    Everyone please see from my first link,what a truly wonderful and inspirational leader she will be.I will remind everyone,old UKIP is dead,we can never ever reinvent ourselves as long as those useless bunch of failures who were responsible for that Muslim Appeasing Pro Bloody
    Halal leaflet,first seen at Stoke,which caused us to lose over 25% of our members and over 200
    of our Patrons,still remain in control.In the 2015 General Election,3,881,099 people voted UKIP,
    in the snap General Election 2017,only 594,068 people voted UKIP,we had lost the
    support of 3,287,031 voters.Thank God Nutall is gone,but Whittle,O’Flynn and all those others
    who were all complicit in draughting that absurd Pro Bloody Halal leaflet still remain.
    These are the self same people who continually attack,Anne Marie Waters for speaking the truth
    about those evil death cult Islamists who hate us and actually seek and celebrate our death and
    destruction,do not be fooled by their so called moderates,whatever country Muslims occupy they bring terror,death and destruction,as well as all of their vile practices which their most
    peverted of Religions demands,from using razors to perform illegal FGM,when the girl’s endure
    the most unimaginable pain to bloody honour killings,to child brides.They commit more crime,
    their rape gangs have all been unpunished,and remain at large to commit more gang rapes,until quite recently all their child gang rapes have all been hushed up by the Police.
    They are violent in the extreme,their whole aim in their miserable little lives is to destroy us and everything we hold dear.I cannot for the life of me understand how UKIP has become so cucked,
    our so called leaders have all become THE USEFUL IDIOTS OF ISLAM.If Anne Marie Waters does
    not become our new leader,then I will predict now that UKIP will be finished in one year.
    We cannot and must not carry on as before,as if everything in the garden is rosy.We need to rise up and start to act like men,and not to cower in the corner,I for one want my country back,do you? If we don’t face up to the greatest threat that we have ever faced,the Islamification of Britain which is far worse a threat than the Nazi’s ever were,we are fighting for
    our whole way of life and our very existence.As Anne Marie said on March the 8 TH,2017 “UKIP
    must face Islsm or die”.Not only will our Party die,but so will our country.
    For UKIP to survive we need more members,I am convinced that once Anne Marie is elected as
    our new leader,thousands upon thousands will join us.
    Please see in my second link,Stuart Agnew,who is someone whom I have the greatest respect,
    and who has been a really great ambassador for UKIP for many many years.I am so pleased that
    Stuart will be Anne Marie’s deputy.Those of you who have denigrated and attacked and objected to Anne Marie even being in the party let alone becoming our new leader,and have all
    threatened to resign,then I say do just that,resign and go back from whence you came,and rejoin the Conservatives,believe me you will not be missed,as you all have brought the party unto disrepute with all your spiteful and hateful remarks against the wonderful Anne Marie.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil,is for good men to do nothing.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Only one third of parents knowing better than to let their kids visit a mosque. What happened to the precept of the ‘neutral teacher’ that was advised in the School of Education, Durham University when I did my PGCE there 1981/2? Anne Marie Waters IS our only hope for a British future free of islamic and Leftard influence.

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