LEADERSHIP LATEST: Bown Hedges His Bets & Bolton’s Nothing Burger

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3 Responses

  1. Len Laws says:

    Henry Bolton stood as a Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate in Weybridge and Runnymede

  2. Keith Phair says:

    So what? All the candidates have a political history before UKIP. Collins was a Tory councillor, I believe, before joining UKIP and getting on the MEP list.

    Its a crude and obvious attempt to smear Bolton, who has made it plain that he left the LibDems when they stopped being Liberal or democratic and started seriously sucking up to the EU. Personally I also voted LibDem until 2010 – but only because they were pushing for a referendum on PR…..which is crucial.

  3. Barrie Greratorex says:

    What about Waters past alliances, they could really stand some investigation. JRE seen by some as a gun toting maverick, Collins a potential bankrupt, all warts will be on display and throughly examined by UKIPs enemies and the reliable MSM. Bolton and Kurten possible the least to be affected.

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