Henry Bolton: The Best Way That I Can Continue To Serve My Country Is To Serve UKIP as the Party’s leader

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5 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    After much deliberation I am giving Henry Bolton my vote, it has not ben an easy decision for me and I suspect others will have also found the same difficulty. My final three were H Bolton, JRE and D Kurten, I am sure the two I have eliminated will play a very significant part in the future of UKIP. There are some others that also impressed me and it is good that UKIP has some talent to pull on. Unfortunately there are some elements that could send UKIP in to a tail spin, they are too obsessed with a single personal agenda that really belongs in other like minded groups. Internal factions should not be tolerated and small groups of minorities pushing their personal agendas should be discouraged from joining. Infiltration is what happened to the Labour Party and look where they are.

  2. I wish you the Best Henry, you would be a good leader but your be leading a bunch of amateurs and up against professionals its not going to work because of the political differences. I will vote for you if the ballot papers get to me in time.

  3. forthurst says:

    Was Henry Bolton serving his country or was he serving the neocons?

  4. Rob says:

    I fully endorse forthurst’s comment 9.59 pm.
    Barry Gretorex raises the issue of ‘infiltration’. Infiltration can come from any political direction…wouldn’t it be the ‘coup of the the century’, for the Whitehall Establishment to get their man into the top job in UKIP?,resulting in the political emasculation of Britain’s leading anti-establishment party – no more campaigns for Brexit like referenda, no possibility of an effective opposition to the political establishment’s promotion of Islam -until the caliphate is established by the sheer weight of demographics, around 2050. The prospect of which, no other British mainsteam political party will do anything to prevent.

    And ‘None Dare Call This Conspiracy’.

  5. Barrie Greratorex says:

    If UKIP were to follow in the same direction as the BNP/EDL/PEGIDA organisations it would lead almost certainly to Anarchy on our streets. The situation would be as it was for the people of NI for twenty+ years, there may well be some who would favour that situation, but UKIP would be destroyed. We must continue , as with all like minded people, to take the Government to task over its inadequate response to the current state of affairs, but not to waft the flames, with excitable rhetoric, of civil war. In reality our streets are pretty much safe for ordinary folk to go about their daily business, we suffer fatalities everyday for one reason or another but it does not stop us continuing to live our normal lives. What we really suffer from, in England anyway, is massive over population, this is being encouraged by unfettered immigration and also the madness of paying for more and more children to come in to the world. Birth rates are going through the roof and most of those births are to mothers not born in the UK. What I think I am trying to say is yes there is much that is not right in our UK and UKIP should be at the forefront of making this clear to the voters, but they must see us as a responsible professional Party that has reasoned solutions for all that is not right.

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