Equilibrium: the Watchword of the True Libertarian. UKIP’s future.

When Equilibrium exists the world is at peace.

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  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    There is much that could be labelled simple common sense in your article and I would be sympathetic to nearly all your sentiments. However we part company on two issues, Unions and capital punishment. Unions are a relic of the past, i.e Mill owners, Pit owners, child labour, where there was no protection for employees. Today we need strong Employment legislation, that fairly represents both employer and employee, with black and white regulations which if broken are punishable by the Courts. Capital punishment for horrific acts against a person, which ends with their death, should be considered a death sentence for the perpetrator.

  2. forthurst says:

    “Ben Walker

    Ben Walker

    Here is a man who is not loud, arrogant or verbose. On an individual basis he reminded me very much of Nigel Farage. He has a capacity to engage with individuals.

    True his policies need fleshing out and hopefully they will be during the formal campaign but his approach to democratising the party and then the nation are more practical than those of JRE.

    This candidate is the one of only two who seems to respond to each and every question and comment on facebook.”

    Checked out Companies House recently? Perhaps Mr Holland would like to compare the relative success of Mr Walker’s Building enterprise with that of JRE’s Adventure holiday business; has Mr Holland checked the wages that JRE was paying his workers before they went on strike compared with others in equivalent occupations in Tanzania and which they were happy to accept afterwards?

    It seems to me that Mr Holland is a man of notoriously bad judgment. In fact this seems to be no more than a hit piece on JRE dressed up in pseudo-economic waffle.

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