Science Lobbyists – For the Greater Good?

Grace Conyers

Grace is a soil scientist, researcher, educator, and science communicator. She spends a lot of her day alternating between teaching, dancing in a lab while waiting for chemical reactions, reading, and plotting business adventures. She is the owner and a co-founder of Insanitek Research and Development. Grace can be found on social media on Minds, Google+, and She invites you to meet up with her on any of these platforms.

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  1. s says:

    i seem to see this is about the USA more than its about UK. But lets move on a bit in reality big companies or organizations uses scientific research to lobby government. Much of the research is fixed to suit the big company or organization purpose of either making money or some other dubious reason. Sometimes it is a very good reason that would benefit our country. I am left in two minds by that.

    But on Lobbying it self I see a big opportunity to lobby good policies too our governance system, by a patriotic group that is actually made up of the general public. Such a group if large enough would get loads of media attention. but would have to be a strictly non political think tank. That exactly why I founded the British Guardians. Non scientific Lobbying, by the people for the people, is a different kettle of fish to scientific lobbying. I rather like that idea.

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