Aidan Powlesland: If Your Eyes Are Not on the Gutter But on the Stars, Please Vote For Me

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3 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Henry Bolton seems the best placed for leadership if we are going to be a serious contender for Westminster access. A dream team could be JRE, D Kurten, P Whittle ,J Collins and Nigel Farage as senior advisor. Along with the rest of good UKIP talent, we would wipe the floor with anything the MSM could throw at us. With Brexit as our weapon of choice 17.4 million await us.

  2. len laws says:

    Looks like UKIP DAILY will not allow me to comment on H Bolton is this why Aiden is a long shot

  3. Steve Bater says:

    This man is absolutely barmy. Who on earth is going to vote for this candidate? He wants the party to lose 50% of the members by raising the membership fee to £90. He’s quite happy to have a party with no members. If you vote for him you are voting for a complete idiot that will be the party leader of no members. Astonishing.

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