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  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    You’re right – AMW supporters feel very unwelcome and will probably let their membership lapse. I know I will.

  2. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Disparaging factions inside the Party would bring failure to our still main objective, Bexit. The tactics used by AMW and her supporters would be, I believe, destructive and reminiscent of the MT inside the Labour Party of the 19170/80s.

  3. forthurst says:

    In JRE’s Facebook post at 01.00 September 30th, in answer to Marcus Green, “Does this mean direct democracy in ukip is no more and does it mean you are leaving ukip ?”

    John Rees-Evans, “Yes. While no longer a member, I shall return to being a quiet supporter of the great work UKIP do, and of the many wonderful people in that organization, as I have been since my teens. And Direct Democracy will indeed be progressed, however, only not from within UKIP. ”

    There were four Continuity candidates, of which the best qualified was Henry Bolton. Of the three Breakout candidates, JRE, AMW and the redoubtable, Aidan Powlesland, JRE was the one who would have offered UKIP a renaissance rather than driven it straight into the ditch, much faster than the weaker of the Continuity candidates. JRE is far too intelligent not to have observed that the advances of Islam in the UK and the EU have been both with the connivance and instigation of politicians and functionaries as well as the machinations of well endowed individuals and organisations that do not regard the preservation of Western Civilisation as their primary goal, on the contrary. I also thought that JRE’s exemplary manners would have made a nice contrast to Nigel’s rather raw persona.

    For now, the old men of UKIP have decided to elect someone whom they hope will follow in Nigel’s footsteps but with the further hope and expectation that he will not delegate the administration of UKIP to complacent and self-satisfied functionaries.

  4. forthurst says:

    Many thanks to you lads for providing an excellent commentary on the proceedings, both in front and behind the camera, in Torquay.

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