Why the future is positive for UKIP under Henry Bolton

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Bater says:

    I wanted to John Rees-Evans in but I think Henry was the best second place and I think he’s going to do well. His army career and his time being a Thames Valley police officer will be a great asset to UKIP. This means he has good leadership qualities and not afraid of speaking out and bringing discipline when people step out of line. I resigned from UKIP in December 2016 due to Nuttal’s underhand practices which resulted in UKIP losing many thousands of members and voters. I was dreading AMW becoming leader as the party would have died. Now that Henry is leader I may well become a member again. I’m waiting to see if he gives JRE a job. If he does i will rejoin the next day.

  2. Keith Phair says:

    I was very pleased to have voted for Henry, who has the rounded and focused platform to take us forward – especially over the next 18 months as we hold the Government’s feet to the fire on giving people the proper Brexit they voted for over 15 months ago. In particular, Amber Rudd as Home Secretary needs to get her act together very quickly – her Remainer complacency over her cuts to the Border Force and immigration rates simply must be strongly called out! Henry is the man to do that – especially as he has more practical experience in his little finger than the Home Secretary herself possesses!
    I am equally sure that Henry will harness the talents of all those in the party who can make a positive contribution and take us forward in shaping a broad platform from which UKIP can, once again, become the voice of the people who LibLabCon politicians ignore.

  3. David Jenkins says:

    Where has all the money gone? We Brits have none and no-one in Europe has any either. So where is it, who’s funding us and who do we owe it to? Obfuscation and lies are the rules of the game. A few rich.. .very rich professional bamboozlers have us in their pockets and they’re letting us slip over the edge nation by nation. Good old Donald Trump is the only one who’s sized up the opposition and is putting his life on the line day by day . I wish he was in charge of the UK. At least we’d know which way we were pointing and who we could trust on our side. We have two-timers on our side of the water but the USA under Trump is bringing his traitors to heel and is throwing them to the dogs. We have plenty of well to do looking sharp suited politicians who spend plenty of time in front of tv cameras, burbling about nothing, just keeping themselves in the public eye but not actually doing anything but beg to be thrown to the dogs. Is anyone seriously bothered by the islamic problem ,,, problem, what problem? Oh, that one over there that’s just cut that young woman’s throat … or that one who’s just driven a truck into 20 or 30 tourists killing most of them,,,,,no problem .. put a bollard out, that’ll stop ’em. Who’s in charge? Who? Good grief, oh well, on we go. Any local defence volunteers been recruited yet? Ah well, after we’ve been overrun must be soon enough. Yeah … course it will.

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