Viva Catalonia!

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It makes a welcome change to be proud of our country. UK/GB were told from Scotland, that independence was wanted from British union. We did not, and do not agree with that, but a Scottish vote was held, with agreement that the majority view would be followed. We even agreed to the change in the age of those able to vote, on the request of Scotland. The vote was held, and continued union won the vote. All was done by the principal of Democracy, which was viewed by the world.
    Now look at our EU partner, Spain. Did they learn anything from our example ? – No ! They treat Catalonia to force, and Democracy dies. Worse still, the EU backs the action. Further proof, (as though it were needed), that our voted wish to leave the EU was the correct decision for UK/GB. In a short space of time, the EU will fall apart or become a loathsome entity, last seen in the guise of CCCP, and I can only hope that the same fate is shared by the EU. Meantime, the people will have to share what has become the lot of the Catalans.
    It is worth remembering, that the personal view of UKIP’s new leader, has been reported in the hope to assign the comment with that Party’s policy, but it has fallen flat. My view, on this is the same as UKIP’s leader, and the Scottish question. I am not in favour of more separation, however it is necessary to understand that the Catalonian question has been there for many more centuries than Scotland’s, and has to be cleared, but in good order. One last point is that we must be clear about Gibraltar. Just like the Falklands, it is the resident peoples wishes that must come first. Spain, take note !

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