Tory MP: ‘Brexit Vote Was Just A Tantrum By The Working Class’

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5 Responses

  1. John Foord says:

    Typical Remainer. Still fighting the fight. And still not understanding why we voted to leave. I voted to leave because I wanted my country to be self determining again. immigration was only a small part of the overall issue.

    Whilst being able to recognise that there was a problem with, say, uncontrolled immigration causing logistical problems in some areas which were affecting the lives of the local people – but NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    Whilst being able to recognise that there was a problem with NOT BEING ABLE to deport criminals AND having to fund their lives.

    Whilst knowing that the British people voted to join a Common Market (a good idea) but have never been asked if they wanted political union with the rest of Europe.

    Having to watch as our proud nation was being subsumed into a dictatorship and being pushed further and further down, whilst the countries that had once depended upon the British ‘we will fight them on the beaches’ spirit, take charge and tell us to shut up.

    It is those who voted to remain, who 1. Did not understand the question. 2. have a vested interest in staying. 3. decided for some simple reason, like it being easier to go on holiday. 4. Were quite happy to lose their democratic rights.

  2. I would really to like know who this Sir Alan Duncan thinks he is call all Brexiteers working class, besides I could of worse things than being working class – like EU pensioned, self-serving old farts like Sir Duncan. HE WILL GET A TANTRUM IF HE STANDS IN THE WAY OF BREXIT!!!

  3. Donald Hallam says:

    Sign and share this petition to LEAVE the EU immediately;

  4. As a working class simpleton, I obviously could not understand that the clear antipathy shown by the leading EU countries, France and Germany, was fully justifed! I am sure that Alan Duncan can explain why he is so right and we working class idiots are so wrong! There will be another election in the future, and if he and his ‘Remoaner’ collegues keep on undermining Ms May, it may be sooner than we expect; perhaps Mr Duncan will be able to explain, in words of no more than two syllables, why they should vote for him !!

  5. John Wright says:

    John Foord’s answer pretty well says it all! But, just for that arrogant idiot MP Duncan, what part of wanting our Country back don’t you understand? What part of being able to administer our own affairs, from who we trade with to how we run our legal systems don’t you understand? What are the huge advantages in being run by an unelected, irremovable & frankly, pretty mundane & inept group of self appointed nonentities Mr Duncan? And why are you so dismissive towards those 17.4 million people calling them “Tantrum throwing Working Class” Mr Duncan? Did “diddums” become so upset because we leavers beat the odds, or was it more likely he was in receipt of something of value which he knew he was going to lose? Would you like to respond Mr Duncan?, perhaps you’d also like to remind us of your “iffy” past as well Mr Duncan? Like so many of our ‘whiter than white’ politico’s, you Mr Duncan should remember to engage your brain before opening your big mouth, I accept this is likely to be difficult, especially for one who thinks he knows everything, but knows very little?

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