Spanish Government Prepares Martial Law To Crush Catalonia Freedom Bid

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    REASONS TO BE CHEARFUL, if you are British !
    Voices from Scotland made it known that they wanted a vote for separation from the British union. The vote age in Scotland was adjusted, upon the wish of the Scottish Nationalists, who then lost the vote, so we continue as an unchanged union. The world saw how the matter was handled, and evaluated the benefits of Democracy. England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland can all be proud of this Democratic approach, and our Head of State, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, took no side in the matter.
    Now look upon Spain’s approach to the same question from Catalonia. A vote on separation is not given. The Catalans go ahead with a vote of their own. Spain over reacts, due to their lack of involvement. Police are drafted in as ”Riot Control”, and are followed by the Army. In all of this, Spain would hold to the belief that they are a Democratic Nation. Spain’s Head of State, The King, gets involved against Catalonia. The EU cannot keep its opinions to itself, and the Catalans are rounded on as not being European.
    I started to travel by air or car, in the early 1960s, and have been to every European country, (This included Andorra and Gibraltar), but a guy named Franco was in charge of Spain, and I would not spend my money in his country, due to an Uncle of mine being involved in his war, and my objection to Fascism. I was probably the loser as parts of Spain are very beautiful. But there we have it, Spain that is a near neighbour of ours, fell into fascist hands, and although a King now wears a crown, the administration considers that Franco’s ways are still OK, and the EU is in favour of this !

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