70,000 Attend Football Lads Alliance Protest Against Terrorism and Extremism in London, Despite Mainstream Media Ignoring

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We all want Islamic terrorists brought to heel and our laws used to the full extent. These nut-jobs are evil, and all we require are our laws used against all who break those laws. No more PC approach to an ethnic minority.
    Personally I have no problem with Muslims, although the covering of their women is quite out of order. Indeed, is that walking, black bin bag truly female or is a man under all that material, and is he up to no good ? No, generally I have no problem with Muslims. I only have a problem with Islam, and the idea that it is a religion. If it is, then it is total error, when matched up to the Holy Bible. Another test could be the life of Muhammed to that of Jesus, there is no similarity, and to put them both as heads of religion is quite absurd. One married a rich widow and then went on a conquest, while the other was Almighty God on earth. Best thing to do with Muslims is to talk to them, but without trying to convert them. All we can do is point to the door of knowledge, going through it is for them to do, possibly led by the Holly Spirit.

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