CATALONIA CRISIS: Spanish MEP Blasts Farage For Supporting ‘Fake’ Referendum

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4 Responses

  1. John Whitby says:

    I think the whole point here is actually very little to do with the referendum.
    If, as is stated and I have no reason to disbelieve them, the referendum wasn’t legal under the Spanish Constitution, then all that needed to happen was for the Spanish Government to make that simple statement, that “the referendum is illegal and the results will not be valid, however we will take note of the indications that the referendum gives us”.
    If they had done that and let the referendum go ahead AND advised the pro Spanish to vote ‘No’, then there would have been no violence, which was soly because of the attitude of the Spanish Government. To be honest, Spain has just shown that it is not a fit and proper government for a civilised western country. No government that sets it’s riot police, violently, against people trying to vote, is fit to govern.

  2. Dave C. says:

    John Whitby,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I also think that the violence to it’s own people by the Spanish government, is possibly a forerunner of what would happen in the rest of the EU, if they had an EU army. I don’t think any of the 27 countries would be allowed to have a LEGAL referendum, as they would all be put down in a similar way, but by the EU.
    I’m afraid that Spain may have set a very dangerous president and laid the foundations for an all out European Civil War.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The Spanish were wrong to totally over react to the Catalonians vote. The Catalan vote was wrong, due to no agreement being given by Spain, and therefore any result, though interesting, would be to no effect.
    The real item of interest in all of this, is that the EU could have stood between the two sides, and encouraged peace. They could also perhaps have used their offices to broker an agreement for a Scottish type referendum. NONE OF THOSE POSSIBILITIES WERE EVEN CONSIDERED BY THE EU.
    It is therefore plain to see that the EU are utterly against any form of Democratic value, with the unspoken, yet obvious comment to Catalonia of FORGET FREEDOM. – KNOW YOUR PLACE, and why talk, when it is easier to crack heads ! This must surely bring a shiver to everyone that voted to stay in the EU, as UK/GB was broken up into Euro Districts, that would be so much easier for the EU to manage. Catalonia or Cardiff, it would make no difference to Brussels, and we would all be happy with that ? ! – I know that I would not ! PLEASE MAGGIE MAY. LETS JUST LEAVE NOW.

  4. Ian Hensman says:

    This is another sign that the EU is showing its spots. Each time a population wants to change things the EU stymies the action one way or another so the outcome suits the Union. The signs are all there remember, Greece, Portugal, France, Eire and now Catalonia. They tried to influence Northern Ireland. They are also trying to force the eastern European states to bend to the general European will. NOT THE FAIREST ORGANISATION ON THE belong too.

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