Cabinet Member Tells BBC ‘We Would Be Better off Without Brexit’

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This may be a case of the mouth talking, while the brain is not active. Damian Green should ask himself how life evolved out of the swamps to what we have today, if nobody wants to do better. Maybe he is one of those people that thinks the EU is good, but for the life of me, I am unable to understand that. There are some very odd people, with a strange take on life. In essence he is correct, we have taken the path that is difficult in the short term, but the benefits are tremendous, when we look towards the future. I am surprised as he is in Government, that he should be so pessimistic on this matter. Article 50 was served and now we must work to make it happen. For some, work is a four letter word, that is best not used. I am certainly most optimistic !

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