Spain Hurtles Towards Civil War

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have been all over Europe, with the exception of Spain, which is not the usual way round for the British. I started travelling in the 1960s, by car and by air, but Franco was still in office in Spain, and I cannot abide anything fascist. When at last a Spanish King wore the Spanish crown, I thought that their history was well and truly cleansed. It seems that I was wrong. Franco has gone, but Spain’s way of dealing with Catalonia, just proves that his ways are still within the Nation. The EU could have offered to step in between the two factions, and taken the matter off the boil, but instead they went against the call of the people for freedom and Democracy. – We all need to learn from that. Catalans holding their own referendum was counter productive, and stupid, because without agreement from Madrid, no action would be taken for Catalonia. Although I am aware that many parts of Spain are beautiful, it seems that my own point of view upon that country, was correct, and still is !

  2. John Clague says:

    So if the Catalans want independence why are they not allowed an honest referendum. Just like we were granted a referendum to allow the UK to leave the dictatorship calling themselves the EU, they should be allowed a referendum to allow them the choice to be independent from Spain. Parts of the old USSR got their independence and I see no reason why the Catalans should not be given the vote to get out from under the rule of Spain.

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