Rees-Mogg Slams BBC For ‘Remain Bias’

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5 Responses

  1. Thostids says:

    What is so unacceptable is that we, the public, tolerate this behaviour by the BBC (and actively connived at by the Government and Civil Service). Of course, even expressing this view will provoke shrieks of “fascist extremism”.

  2. forthurst says:

    The next head of BBC news should be a patriotic Englishman to replace someone who is neither.

  3. Bernard Fox says:

    Moggy for PM………….Until UKIP get their bloody act together?

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    WHAT IS A REFERENDUM ? It is submitting a question to the electorate. So why did we have one on continued membership of the European Union ? Put in a simple way, it was to see how many British people salute the EU flag. The British people, 40 plus years ago, voted to join the Common Market of Europe, but that did not last very long, and slowly but surely the CM changed to EU. What started as a trade arrangement, became a takeover of our Nation, with Laws and Courts from the EU being supreme to our own. Our Parliament was told what it could, and could not do, by the EU. Our pound currency was wanted to change to their Euro. – Thankfully that was a move too far, and was rejected, at least for the time being.
    If the British people are physically threatened with a war, they will fight tooth and nail, and the Commonwealth and USA join in to gain the victory. But what if there are no guns, just men in suits writing Treaties, and a few decades are allowed to pass, quietly and gently. The British people go to sleep and their Nation becomes a part of one big federal Union. Fortunately, we are not all sleeping, and a real threat is presented to the Party of Government. The PM (Cameron), gets windy about such a challenge, and takes the decision of holding a referendum upon the main plank of this new Party’s manifesto, and the challenge will be over. What was over, was his premiership, as the people voted by over a million majority to leave the EU.
    After a referendum is held, it is a requirement of Government to implement the will of the people, yet some 15 months later we are still a member of the EU and there are people acting to reverse the people’s decision, which is an absurd situation to be in. So what is a Parliamentary Democracy ? It should be a gathering of MPs, elected by the people, to govern according to the wishes of the people. The largest Party, or like minded group form the Government, and the rest act as a Loyal Opposition. Now since we are still in the EU, and clearly the will of the majority has not been actioned, it is clear that this Parliament is not fit for purpose. All MPs please note. – Oliver Cromwell dismissed Parliament, for being useless and bending the rules, SO IT CAN HAPPEN !

  1. 7:00 am, November 4, 2017

    […] culture spokesman – who said we must “break up” the BBC, Jacob Rees-Mogg – who called out the “Remain Bias”, Nigel Farage – who threatened to stop paying the BBC license fee over the […]

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