Stuart Agnew MEP: I am looking forwards now, not backwards by supporting UKIP under Henry Bolton

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4 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    We all make mistakes, happy you can see the light now.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UKIP must be seen to be an alternative Party of Government. If it is high-jacked by factions that major on issues, rather than the overall governance of the Nation, then it will get nowhere. I have not been to any Party meetings, being rather house-bound with health issues, so I only know what is reported, and make my mind up upon such detail. Ms. Waters is, I am sure, a woman with very definite views, and good luck to her. I think it best for UKIP to be very separate from her, and Henry Bolton, has so far as I can see, taken on the role of leader, in the style of Nigel Farage, although perhaps more subdued.
    There are two issues that the Party has to put its shoulder to, at the same time as keeping abreast of the wide range of governance. One is our old favorite of leaving the EU, but the second is the change from FPTP to PR voting. There is no doubt that a swell of opinion is in favour of this, due to the present system not being fit for purpose. It falls flat mathematically, and is not fit to be called Democratic.
    There you have it. Two target items that have to be fired upon without any pause. A general footprint of what this Party could bring to the Nation, and an all encompassing manifesto that brings UKIP forward to success.

  3. Well said. I supported Jane, and am now backing Henry.

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