German Interior Minister: Islamic Holidays Should Be Public Holidays

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3 Responses

  1. Alex Gordon says:

    Yes, Let it happen when Saudi Arabia allows Christian churches and holidays to be recognised in their country, however, I think that Germany needs to get to grips with its own culture, and maybe reconsider whether are teaching their children about home they are. It is the fundamental failing of multi culturalism, that people do not know or care about their own culture, because they are so concerned about everyone else’s right to do so. This is also a major failing of the EU. WE are NOT all the same.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    Not sure about the last sentence assumption in this article. AMW has left UKIP – and so have many (most?) of us who supported her. And if the Germans want more Muslims, they can have some of ours.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There is a rudeness being thrown at us, by immigrants, and it needs to be eradicated by us. Germany must do as it sees fit, and I only comment on UK/GB.
    People leave their own country, and come to ours, for a multitude of reasons. We are not obliged to receive them, (except in internationally accepted reasons where life is threatened), and our expectations are reasonable, that when they are given access, they integrate with us. Some integrate so well, that they get high social and employment status, and can only be seem as immigration successes. If they import their own ways, and even laws, into our country, then the immigration is a failure, and could instead be seen as an invasion of our Nation.
    Over the centuries, the Jews have made their homes with us, and have added much to our Nation. They observe their special days, and are happy to join in with our special days. They bring their beliefs with them, and are welcome. To a large extent, the same can be said for Hindu groupings and their belief structures. In general, all can be said to be immigration successes.
    The problems only come with Islam. I hasten to add that I know a few Muslims, and their attitude to this Nation is fine, although socially they tend to keep to themselves. The big problem is that a number of Muslims follow the Islamic ideal of an Islamic World, and integration with us is totally out of the question, even to the point of violence. Their own Parliament, and Law, (Sharia), with the areas of some towns being no-go areas for Police, are items for urgent correction, or we are allowing our country to be taken over bit by bit. Our Government needs to take action on this immediately, because doing nothing is not an option, and only makes the problem larger and more difficult to correct.

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