A Reply To Speculation Regarding Deputy Leader

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11 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Well Flo, you’ve just given me yet another reason to be glad I left the party.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    ”LETS CONSENTRATE ON FACTS”.- ………. Yes, lets ! I am heterosexual, not that it’s any business of yours, but it seems necessary in today’s UKIP to be fully understood by LGBT members !
    David Kurten made a mistake by sharing a view that he has. – If that is sufficient to adjust his standing in the Party, then I guess I had better cancel my own membership, as I voted for him only on the candidates listing.
    I THOUGHT I JOINED A POLITICAL PARTY, so how much more time is going to be used, and wasted, by the membership airing its sexual preferences ? I am truly angry at this Government’s actions against the Democratic will of the people. ARE YOU LGBT PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THAT ?
    Mr. Kurten for Deputy, if Mr. Bolton is happy with that. I am happy with Henry as our leader. – Now for goodness sake lets get on with the jobs in hand, now urgent for the future of the Nation, and keep your sexual preferences out of it. I’M JUST NOT INTERESTED !

  3. Barrie Greratorex says:

    It seems your membership of UKIP is based on who gets what position, if so then you are not truly here for membership of a Political Party but someone who is attempting to steer that Party in a particular direction, namely yours. Also I would suggest that to have a Group or a Party of interests inside a Party ,is not conducive to having a committed program and direction of travel for the majority in that Party, that is if Democracy is the will of the majority over that of the minority. Those who stood by their personal principles have left to pursue them as best they can on a different platform, I would respectively suggest you could do the same. If that is your intention then I wish you well and would ask you not to muddy the waters of discontent, David Kurten received by far the biggest accolade for his speech, which would indicate the conference would accept him as a good choice for Deputy.

  4. Joan Furlong says:

    Do understand your comments. However this is the UKIP Party of Great Britain. It has no other separate parties within the UKIP structure and you, the LBGT, are NOT going to stop any democratic decision being made by the majority of members by complaining about your minority issues. Let it go.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Spot on Joan. You put it so well on your two lines than I did with so much blather.

    • Davy Todd says:

      I agree if LBGT wish to push their agenda I suggest they start up their own political party.
      I myself am sick and tired of this LBGT group either your a UKIP member and act like one or get out. THIS IS NOT the Labour socialist party with factions in it.

  5. Paul Hellyer says:

    The separation of Church and State was established by Jesus Christ when he said “render to Caeser the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” Thus it has been the way for centuries of European development, bearing in mind that Caesar must uphold God’s law.
    If this simple formula cannot be tolerated then there is not much hope for any of us.

  6. Tarian says:

    What the #e!! is “LGBTQ* ? (Actually… do we even need to know?)

    Is this all part of the current fad for “Identity Politics” – where all people belong to a “Community” who’s members supposedly share identical experiences and aspirations???

    Just sticking to “T”
    Transgender has nothing to do with sexual orientation.
    It is a mental health# issue (for which no stigma is attached) and for which sufferers should receive help.
    (But not surgical intervention – esp. paid for by the taxpayer).

    #- psychosis : “a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. ”
    – schizophrenia : “Sometimes they believe they are someone else, such as a famous historical figure”
    – Dissociative identity disorder : “a person showing two or more “identities” or “personality states” ”
    – Body integrity identity disorder : “Sufferers of BIID are uncomfortable with a part of their body”

    • Davy Todd says:

      Here Here!
      A mental illness.
      If you have this mental illness don’t try and convert others and when are met with the opposite view don’t scream they are “homophobic”.
      This only stretches people’s tollerance to a breaking point.

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