David Kurten: Let UKIP be the Party to Stand Up to the Madness of This Post-modern Cultural Marxist Claptrap

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9 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    Fully understand and support your message here David. And I would also question why UKIP should have a distinct “LGBT” group. Is it a question of ” all people are equal, but some are more equal than others”?

  2. Barrie Greratorex says:

    To that I cannot add anything except perhaps to say you are a very brave MAN indeed.

  3. Dr Lisa Nolland says:

    Thank you so much, David. Brilliant! If people can decide to be a man today, a woman, tomorrow, why stop there? Indeed, ageism is a real problem, so why not allow people to choose what age they would like to be? And of course it can change, that is the fun bit of it! If I can get perks for being a pensioner today, well, why not? But if I would like a youth discount tomorrow, I will simply lower my age. Simples! In fact, this is pure lunacy and most of us know it. David needs to help UKIP lead the way out of this madness.

  4. Thostids says:

    So, it’s going to become a criminal offence to not use the pronoun some mentally unstable narcissist is demanding be used “de jour”.
    Picture the scene, remake of “The Blue Light”, Dixon (of Dock Green) chases Dirk Bogarde into darkened building. Bogarde, holding pistol, “Come and get me, Copper”.
    Dixon, in kindly fashion, “Come along lad. Give me the gun. And don’t call me Copper. It has sexist racist connotations and belittles my present choice of the pronoun “Zhe” as i’m wearing my little pink silk knickers.”
    Bogarde looks to the heavens. He could see this was not going to end well. A raving pooftah copper in silk knickers. He could get at least 3years in jug for not using the right pronoun. Shit…he was going to have to shoot him and go for the terrorist’s defence and a community sentence.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    David Kurten, Thank you for your blast against the misuse of the English language. It would appear that I am insulting someone on a regular basis with my letters that open with Dear Sir !
    Here in the East Midlands, in Northampton, and within my age group, ( 70s and above ), it seems that we have avoided being targeted by this stupidity, and it could be that those strange folk who want to mess things up, have seen us as not having too many years left to us, and the children are to be the targets.
    I well remember in my schooldays, hearing slang words to describe homosexuals. That was very wrong, and as we came to understand more about these sexual differences, rightly the law against these folk was changed. It would seem that making an informed change to the standing of these people, was seen by them to be the green light for the minority to rule !
    We can see this as being anti-democratic, and is therefore something to knock out of our National life. I take your point, that UKIP will have to shoulder this problem, but you will open the gate for the descriptive of the Party, to be homophobic. Why can’t LGBT folk just get on with their lives, without having to advertise their gender preference ?
    Please be very careful of these little items. They could be stones on the path that knock UKIP off balance to the main work that has to be done. Abolition of FPTP. Correct PR voting. Getting totally clear of the EU. Making our way by trade in the wide world. etc., etc. These are the main reasons for the UKIP Party, and stumbling over sexual preferences are not !

  6. Tarian says:

    Surely transgender is a mental issue ?
    And as we know, there is no stigma to mental health.

    On any objective measure, one or more of the following applies:
    – psychosis : “a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. ”
    – schizophrenia : “Sometimes they believe they are someone else, such as a famous historical figure”
    – Dissociative identity disorder : “a person showing two or more “identities” or “personality states”
    – Body integrity identity disorder : “Sufferers of BIID are uncomfortable with a part of their body”

    Would we pander to someone’s delusion that they were Joan of Arc or or the Duke of Wellington ?

  7. John Carins says:

    You are 100% right. Cultural Marxism is the biggest danger to our society. UKIP is the only party that has identified this – it is by far after ensuring Brexit the most important issue.

  8. JOHN DODDS says:

    The government has not shown any reason for pushing this Gender Agenda, just started putting it out! I wish someone would tell the British public why this Agenda was necessary

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