OPINION: The Usurping Of The Majority

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30 Responses

  1. Henry Bolton says:

    The grapevine is a very unreliable source.

    • forthurst says:

      In my recollection, HB claimed that Brexit was his ‘core task’; that being the case, he might believe that ‘cultural marxism’ in all its manifold expressions is an issue which cannot be effectively addressed until we are out of the EU and out of jurisdiction of the ECHR and that talking about it incessantly would remove focus from our main purpose now. Globalist anti-nationalism with its tentacles operates through most international bodies and we cannot be free until we have cut ourselves free from each one in turn. Whilst in the EU we are still subject to their asylum law quite apart from those of the UN so cutting off the deluge of unassimilable aliens and their right and those of others to ‘family life’ will be near impossible.

      • John Carins says:

        Have you ever heard of concurrent activity: combatting anti-Brexit sentiment and cultural Marxism have to be tackled together because they are inter related

    • Simon Platt says:

      On the other hand, Henry, Darrell’s explanation fits the known facts perfectly. Why, for example, do we not have, among the long list of party spokesmen, on for Families and Children? Why have you criticised David Kurten in terms that are simultaneously strong but vague? (“It became disappointingly clear that making him my Deputy would be an error”) For that matter, “the grapevine is a very unreliable source” is equally dismissive; a non-answer. You need our trust. Don’t throw it away.

  2. Theresa says:

    Over the years ukip has lost itself so many good, politically prominent people. UKIP is out to destroy itself by ignoring the will and mood of their members. Many felt it was pointless to vote as their candidate would not win. They have been insulted, referred to as Nazis and the will of a minority given priority over the majority.

    I have neither faith or a sense of belonging in ukip anymore. I would have been out campaigning for Waters or Kurten but not for Bolton. A man who many of us feel was installed by devious means and then alienated half of ukip membership. Bolton then proceeded to say the exact things Waters was demonised for. I won’t, like many renew my membership.

  3. Stanley Cutts says:

    Darrell, I think you’re being very kind to Dear Henry. I’d be more inclined to call a spade a spade. Shall we say (a touch of) “Gunpowder, treason and plot” in the well-worn traditions of UKIP leaders…..?

  4. Tony Judge says:

    A big disappointment. The same party establishment cronies who oversaw the mess of the last 18 months are back in their comfortable echo chamber. I thought we might have had a chance to get back to our roots, but it appears it is not to be, just more same-old, same old. Bye bye, UKIP, it was nice knowing you.

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    Darrell, I think you’ve been very kind to DearHenry in this blog. I’d be more inclined to call a spade a spade. Shall we just summarise by saying “Gunpowder, Treason and Plot” perhaps?

  6. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Those who supported Waters could in no way justify supporting Kurten they come from entirely opposite ends of the spectrum. Waters would have damaged UKIP for sure, Kurten could only bring in more support for the silent majority. I was and still am hoping that the leadership will build NEW UKIP (leader/logo) on 3 main pillars, namely Honesty, Integrity and Transparency, time will tell. Many I am sure will be disappointed that their ideal has not come about, however we must stick together and show the electorate that next chance they get UKIP is a viable option for them.

  7. John Carins says:

    Breaking a promise is a serious matter; the issue of integrity is at stake. At first sight it would appear that Mr Kurten is the injured party. Members must now be given a full an proper explanation as to why it was necessary to break this promise.

  8. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Once it was clear that the promise to re-unite the party was just hot air we all knew that AMW and JRE would not hang around. Henry Bolton should have offered an olive branch to those two in his acceptance speech and they may well have declined but at least he would have made the gesture.
    As it is unity has not been restored and with the failed promise to appoint David Kurten as deputy Leader the writing was on the wall.
    All those appointments of the same old, same olds will not inspire the skin off a rice pudding. There are many talented people who would and could have made a large contribution to a failing party and the chance has been missed. The membership is yet again largely ignored and the election of Captain Bolton is the proof. It should be remembered that Henry Bolton made a late challenge to AMW’s candidacy and even afterwards said he would challenge the result if she won. That in itself was an indication that this chap is not for compromise or unity but a disciplinarian with a military mind that does not understand party politics or the essence of what it is to lead a largely volunteer organisation. The membership is doomed to decline yet further as more of us that have given much to the party realise that the heady days of 2015/2016 are long gone and are unlikely to return anytime soon.

    • Tony Judge says:

      A w.ell-written summary. Sad but true. Given HB’s background, (and my own,) I had high hopes for his leadership. It would appear that those hopes have now been dashed – he has failed completely to reach out to us ordinary party members … not the way to reverse the decline in the party’s fortunes, especially since he has enabled the continuation of the cronyship that brought us to this low point in the first place.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Well said Geoffrey. I fully agree with your observations and conclusions. Personally, I am heartily sick of UKIP and the childishness of their senior representatives. There’s nothing wrong with the manifesto – it’s just the oddball people at the top, “cranks and political gadflies” I think Michael Howard called them. They couldn’t lead a horse to water.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Geoffrey, your comments are not widely incorrect, but I have to ask you, that in the mess that the Nation is in with the EU, who are you turning to for remedial action ? My membership remains firm right now, simply because there is nobody singing the same song as me. There is a remote possibility, (better than remote actually), that Nigel might stand alongside Henry. Is it not worth your considering that the heady days of Mr. Farage’s leadership, could be the start, rather than the finish ? The job with the EU is not finished by any means, and I am very impatient for its clearance, aren’t you ?

      • Geoffrey Bastin says:

        Mike I recall Aaron Banks being a sent a message whilst he was on route to the US some months ago telling him his party membership had been revoked. As Aaron is so closely allied to Nigel Farage unless there is some thawing of relationships I can’t see Nigel wanting to return to frontline UKIP politics. I agree we are in a mess and it would seem only UKIP as a party can represent the wishes and frustrations of all those that want to Leave the EU but the way the membership and the leadership interact will be the defining process.
        The problem as I see it is very stark. We have no MPs and the improbability of another parliamentary election for some time. Mind you if it were to happen we would still be pondering if all those lost deposits would happen again. The party needs more than a just a front row of spokespersons, many of which are still stuck in Brussels, as a Unique Selling Point is without doubt desperately needed. We may all know what we hope for and what we stand for but does the electorate ?

  9. David Allen says:

    It was always going to be a difficult task to join together a party that has been racked by infighting at the top for so long, so it might be worth considering the benefit of continuing with it at this lower level. The party has been massively dysfunctional in all aspects and it needs, not so much re-building, but building. Clearly, such a process isnt’t going to give everybody what they want and will take time.
    It really is worth getting behind the party now as we begin, once again, to become relevant. After all there is nobody else out there of any note who stands for UKIP principles or who will deliver the changes we need.

  10. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Why does UKIP feel it has to tear itself apart every few months ?
    Originally I was brought to check out UKIP, by its leader Nigel Farage. Its motives were my aspirations !
    Mr. Kurten was my choice for leader. I only know of him by his write-up in the list of contenders, which mirrored my views.
    Mr. Bolton won the election. For me, that’s fine, and I am happy to support the new leader.
    Suddenly we have LGBT folk kicking up. This Party should be for PEOPLE, and not for sexual preferences.
    The Nation requires Farage type action upon Brexit, or had you forgotten that ? (All the people want that, don’t they ?)
    Ms. Waters had her own views, and has left the Party. Please use her as a filter for people to follow her ideals,out of UKIP.
    I now expect Kurten and Bolton, with the Party, to get stuck in to this stupid Government, and break us away from the EU.
    IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK ? ……. A very angry, obedient old voter, who’s patience is wearing thin ! ! !

  11. Mike Baldock says:

    I can see no evidence of a ‘promise’ – also I can see no evidence David reciprocated in any way, or accepted the offer prior to the result. Kurten has been banging on with this anti-gay obsession of his and his apparent agenda to shove his idea of the family down everyone else’s throat. The reality however is that we don’t all live in an Enid Blyton fantasy and whilst he is perfectly within his rights to try and live his life in whatever fashion he chooses, so do other people as well, and it is this anti-libertarian enforcement of his Christian ethic onto other people that makes him unfit to be a deputy leader. I say this as someone who had originally been planning to support David as the best of an, at the time, rather uninspiring field, but when I found out more about him I was shocked. I don’t want to live under the ethical diktat of anyone.

  12. Shaun Owen says:

    As the “elite” in UKIP continue to tear the party apart and sow the seeds of continued disunity the branches must continue the work of UKIP in their own areas. If UKIP is to survive this will only be achieved at branch level. To this end the branches in North Wales must continue to support each other and work together to promote the original policy ideas of UKIP. We must distance ourselves from the internal wrangling of UKIP HQ and those who sit above the leader and essentially run the party. We need to keep the faith and not be too concerned with issues we have little control over. Work to make the branches in North Wales strong and make the regions voice heard in HQ. In this way we can let them know what we won’t of UKIP and not be subjected to this infighting from the top and the top down dictatorial control that has replaced any attempt to create a truly democratic party. Remember UKIP was originally envisaged as a party run from the bottom up. This is something that has been forgotten for a long time now and we need to return to the basic principles of UKIP. As remaining members we all need to return to and become active in our local branches let’s build this party back up from the bottom the way it was originally meant to be. SOVCD

  13. Let’s get on with the Ukip show , Henry is our chosen leader ‘let’s stop all the back stabbing, and back biting , because it will cause, not only council votes being lost,by the electorate thinking ukip is finished,but have finished our job ,FAR from it,we need to be a fighting force until we are out of the EU,not among our selves. So come on guy’s ,Let’s do it.Support the leader.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      I’m totally with you Michael. It may well be that we can’t have a perfect Party, but we have what we have, and its way better than nowt !

      • Thanks Mike, recently I stood as a candidate for Ukip,as I have stood against a predominantly lib dem area,(the fifth time) lowest vote I have achieved,I have done a lot better in the past.We need push Ukip into the mainstream of politics more.

  14. Icini says:

    I voted for Henry with some reservations but I’m pleased I did. So far he’s doing just fine. David has some good points but we did not elect him as deputy leader and he has no automatic right to the job. None of us have any idea what he may have said to or demanded of Henry during their private conversations.
    We are in deep trouble, the never ending leadership elections and squabbling have made us a laughing stock. There is only one chance of a viable challenge to the old parties and to grab it we all have to cease knocking each other and fully back Henry and his team, even if we disagree with a few items of their policy. Nothing less will work. Locally I’m a public figure and an elected representative, to be honest I’ve been more embarrassed by the sheer incompetence of my own party than by the mudslinging and name calling by our opponents.
    I think we can survive and prosper but we need to show a marked improvement in the polls and at local by elections within 6 months. If we can’t hold our act together for that long we will be utterly irrelevant and simply don’t deserve to escape from the cosy two and bit party power sharing club that has ruled us for generations.
    Suck it up guys, we voted for Henry, live with it and if you can’t say anything nice about him, keep quiet. Our country demands it of you.

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Sorry Icini, whilst I admire your loyalty and tenacity, I can’t agree with you on many of the statements you make. The recent leadership election result has put the final nail in UKIP’s coffin. For a start, there are many who believe the vote was rigged and that HenryDearHenry is a social democrat plant. Secondly, this man made certain accusations about another leadership candidate that were unfounded and below the belt. By doing so he lost his chance to heal the injuries he was responsible for and the many members who voted for AMW will not forgive him. Indeed, they are leaving the party in droves. It has only been days since the leadership result was announced and already AMW’s For Britain party is putting UKIP in the shade. All around the country UKIP members are refusing to renew their membership, local branches are closing down, branch chairs and secretaries are resigning. I am an ex-member and Branch Secretary who stood for election and worked tirelessly for years campaigning and organising for UKIP, only to find that all my efforts and those of other foot-soldiers were blown away by the unthinking, incompetent, egotistical and arrogant few at the top. I soon realised we were lions led by donkeys. I salute you Icini, as one of the last lions. RIP UKIP.

    • As I have said before guys stop the arguments,and bickering,we’ve had the vote,get behind and support our new leader,as we need Ukip to be “user friendly” with the electorate.

  15. Dr LIsa Nolland says:

    Superb analysis Darren and thanks —

  16. Dr LIsa Nolland says:

    Please correct my misspelling of Darrell’s name above. Sorry!

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