The Inconvenient Truth About Our Underfunded Defences

The new "pound shop" frigates

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5 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    The Armed Forces lack any cap ability to hold Ministers and governments to account. There are no checks and balances only total obedience and total control that prevents serious bellyaching from Senior Officers and the rank and file. Only recently an Admiral was roundly criticised for criticising government policy. He was put in his place and no doubt threatened with a “bollocking” and career interview. In the past it was not unusual for Senior Commanders to be political: Nelson, Wellington and Montgomery come to mind. The Armed Forces will only sway the argument when people die and the public have a paroxysm of sympathy. More alarmingly, is our current inability or lack of desire to manufacture military equipment. This has declined and been sacrificed on the altar of EU integration. Our Armed Forces deserve better. There is an obvious solution: monies need to be re-allocated from the DfID budget and our Military Industrial Complex needs to be at the heart of our industrial strategy.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Completely agree. The more ‘space’ UKIP can put between it’s policies and the LibLabCon the more appeal it will offer. UKIP needs to have a post Brexit look and feel and I think good national defence is one of them.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We see TV adverts for joining the Armed Forces. At the same time we hear of those who joined ISIS, probably being given Social Housing ahead of Forces Veterans. Is it any wonder that this Nation is in such a mess, with this muddled thinking from Government ?
    There should be real respect for those who served the Nation, well ahead of those who have not. This is not an increase in expenditure, so much as a change of attitude by Government. Extra funds would always be welcome, but if the Government could just engage in a little joined up thinking, we would all benefit.

  4. Linda Hudson says:

    How proud I was when my two sons joined my beloved country’s air force!
    One son was in the first Gulf war throughout and the other served for over 22 years!
    Today, I would tell my son’s and daughter’s not to join our armed forces, because we have political leaders of our country, in both main political parties, and they are not worthy enough of the integrity, bravery and ultimate sacrifice of our young people!
    U.K.I.P. is the only party that can bring a fresh wind of change throughout the U.K. , simply because they are not tainted through the last century of Tory and Labour governance!

  5. David Jenkins says:

    How well vetted are recruits as far as ending up with cuckoos in the nest goes? The biggest deterrents to recruiting are, to my mind, ending up in a billet full of sneaky throat slitters or a bunch of legalised homo sexuals, or, a mixture of both. My jaw has dropped as our warriors have pranced along, in full public view with daisies festooned around their shameless earholes. And … the police! Was no one in charge of discipline as simulated sex was on full show for the delectation of hundreds and hundreds of druggies and trainee stabbers? Whoever is in charge of the world needs to have his mouth scrubbed out with carbolic soap twice a day every day. Big, black Police Constabules, rubbing themselves up and down against supine police constabulesses. No shame, lousy selection, no supervision, no shame. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it . Broad daylight, disgusting! Heads should roll,… unless, of course, the peasantry were following orders … hmmm, must enquire of Cressida Dick whether an anagram of her name may be coded instructions for antics for the bluebottles to entertain the crowds at half time. Hmmm.

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