OPINION: Grooming Gangs – UKIP Needs To Stand-Up For Suffering Young Girls

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5 Responses

  1. caroline white says:

    They also need to actively campaign for the removal of Labour Mp Naz Shah as well for retweeting that abused girls in Rotherham should shut the hell up for the sake of diversity as that tweet alone makes her as complicit as those who sexually harrass, abuse, groom and rape these girls .. WE MUST NOT FORGET WHAT SHE DID

  2. Andy Beadle says:

    I share those emotions and physical repulsion every time I read of these “grooming gangs”, gangs seemingly populated by men of Pakistani or Middle Eastern decent, men who pray to a God I do not believe in, men who honour a tradition I reject, yet they are still men, if only be physical definition.

    UKIP has purpose, one being ensuring the laws of the land are enforced, equally and fairly so no matter who stands in front of the law, they are judged on their deeds and their deeds alone.

    I conceive UKIP has another purpose and that is to pursue an agenda of unity – one country, one people, one culture. A broad-brush culture that embraces many faiths, yet a culture that sees all those seeking habitat on these shores, accepting and embracing. A culture that no matter the colour of your skin, when asked your nationality that response is “British” and not “Pakistani living in Britain”.

    For once we have all people accepting an identity, an identity that embraces the essence of our society, our flag – the fundamental knowledge of right and wrong, then and only then can we address the shocking events witnessed across this country, crimes committed by these so-called grooming gangs.

    Unity is strength. Unity provides protection and sanctuary, yet it excludes those who do not wish to stand with us. Unity is acceptance that when in Rome I shall act in accordance with the laws of Rome, no exceptions. Unity also reminds me that a Romans sword is sharp when applied.

    Islam brings to the UK a culture I do not recognise or wish to embrace. Its protection lies in its classification as a religion. To remove this protection would take this country down a secular route, which although acceptable to me personally may create fear in other hearts.

    History shows us that for Islam to grow and prosper it needs legal exception to prosper, it need the host society to accept the legitimacy of its observances; halal meat being one such observance. Have you noticed how quickly halal slaughter houses grew in England. Stop them remove those in existence. Islam requires centres of faith – Mosques. We have all seen how manipulative bodies have been when it comes to granting planning /building permission. No new Mosque or Islamic religious centre may be created/built without the issuing of a religious practice licence – a licence that will only be issued by the Home Office and will require not only proof of need but will require a majority vote of acceptance expressed by local residents via a local referendum. One issued it should be renewable and revocable. A licence fee shall also be payable.

    I would contest that the law defines the social environment, the same social environment that hosts and currently harbours these criminal elements as noted within defined grooming gangs. Thus when the political will exists and the law is applied equally and without exception, you will define our society and create the social environment. Project Unity is one possible future, one I present to UKIP.

    Andy Beadle – UKIP

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Alan Craig, you are right in what you say, however there should be a slight adjustment to your tone in this.
    First, it is necessary to actively change the way of our Police, and that is necessary at the top. It must be a change from the wet ‘politically correct’ nonsense that seems to have taken over in our forces. The Police need to know that any lawful action taken by an officer, will be backed by the senior officers, and they will be backed by the Courts and Government.
    One law exists for all of us, and must be applied equally for male/female, coloured/white, Jew/Christian, Muslim/Others, Gay/Straight. There can be no way forward without that principal in place. If this is not possible from Government, then it is time to change the Government, and as I see it, the stance taken by UKIP is the only party to achieve this.
    Police, rightly or wrongly, follow what is known about sections of community. The stop and search problem with coloured folk, is a case in point, and that is something that has to change. It is a person that is stopped, and nothing else. Since Muslim men have such a low opinion of women, and the law gets broken horrifically in that regard, it would seem that the Police would be right in targeting these men, but again, this has to be done due to details received, and much intelligence needs to be gathered first.
    There is then the punishment given to an offence. This has to be re-considered all over again. I have always been in favour of the death penalty, where a life has been taken, with possible exception to the Ruth Ellis trial, where other factors are present. I would extend such penalty to bestiality, sexual or other. I see no point in keeping someone in jail, at the Nation’s expense, when they have been involved in such sickening activity. They have no right to life in our communities, by their own actions.
    It is with despair that I hear of the Pope and Archbishop of the C of E, endorsing Islam as we all worship the one God. We do not ! I understand the worldly wish that they hope to put forward, but their thinking is utterly wrong. ”I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” This direct quote from Jesus, leaves Mohammed with no room to move. ‘By their fruits you will know them.’ – We see Islam’s fruits, and yes we do indeed know them. Nothing of God is involved in their belief. Why then do we have them in this historically Christian country ? It is unfortunate that the majority in our land, have forgotten our own faith.

  4. Pamela Preedy says:

    Why are these young girls not taught to avoid muslim men like the plague and refuse to talk to them, let alone go anywhere with them? Because of political correctness and having it drummed into them that everyone is the same and not to be ‘racist’. Well, islam isn’t a race and muslims are not a race; the men are members and beneficiaries of an evil death cult that is misogynistic, homophobic, racist and hates everyone that is not a muslim. These are men that no British girl or woman should be fooled into thinking are ‘nice’ or that they want to be their ‘boyfriend’. The islamic culture is inferior to that of the western democracies and no Leftard teacher should be allowed to preach cultural relativism to children in school, misleading them into dangerous trust of groomers and rapists. It should be against the law for schools to take innocent kids to mosques or teach them anything about islam. Every adult should read the book of horrors known as the koran, but it is not for children, 18+ only.

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