Bill Etheridge: Only UKIP Is The Coherent Party Of Brexit

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2 Responses

  1. John Wright says:

    Well said Bill, this Tory Government (if this is a fair description?) led by Mrs May has fumbled & stumbled at every tiny mole mound! Her dreadful ineptitude & hesitancy has led this crew into becoming the laughing stock of Europe & the wider World, which in turn has handed the whip & reins to the enemies of this Country! Although I hate to say it, had UKIP followed-up on the huge success of the referendum & piled money & every asset they could muster, plus getting everyone from our leadership & every MEP up into the Northern & North East Regions ( the heartlands of the Labour Party) supporting our Branches!, instead of squandering time & money fussing about the Southern & far less heavily Labour impregnated regions! UKIP may well have been able to mount a real campaign & severely damage, even crucify our most dangerous opponents! Instead, we suffered a self inflicted , corrosive & most unedifying series of petty squabbles & leadership changes which reflected what has now become a mass exodus of really top people. How you intend to re-invigorate we foot soldiers into becoming a force able to actually take on the rubbish currently running this Country into the ground is posing a very serious question, but full marks for having the balls to stand-up & say what you have.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UKIP has been a total shambles for a couple of years. One own goal after another. Since I am an awkward old sod, and see nothing else on the horizon to give me hope for the future, I am talking up UKIP, but with a PR vote system. If the FPTP system continues, we have little to no chance of breaking through, and the forked tongue, two faced Maggie Mays will win. UK/GB will loose big time !

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