After KneeGate Here comes PritiGate. Yet another anti-Brexit ploy?

Here's a Priti Mess!

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Your right on one thing Mr. Holland. This could play out well in a Yes Minister program. Then again, this Government’s actions is priti much a Whitehall Farce from beginning to end !

  2. Graham says:

    Brexiteer or not, what the hell did she think she was dong meeting with a head of state without telling anyone and pledging british foreign aid to the Israeli army??? Sorry, but she seems to have gone totally off the reservation. I guess there is a lot more to this that we don’t know yet. But it also shows what a swamp the foreign aid budget is and how easy it is to dovert it to pet causes.

    By the way Abigail nice to see someone under 50 involved in UKIP!

  3. PJW Holland’s article on Priti Patel was an eye opener & completely undermines the various media & press comments. Seems such a short while ago that many of us were celebrating her elevation to Sec of State for Int’l Dev’t, but Politics is a dirty game & methinks Priti will bounce back & be able to put behind her this rather strange affair.

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