Boris Johnson announces £1m fund for worldwide freedom of the press

Abigail Eatock

I joined UKIP as I believe that only UKIP are committed to providing true and fair democracy to Britain. As well as being a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York, I was also Chair of the UKIP society in York, as well as the Media Officer for YI UKIP Students. I was the Events Manager for the Peter Whittle leadership campaign. I am also an intern for The Bow Group, writing on UK and international security affairs.

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3 Responses

  1. Ian Edwards says:

    Great Kipper comment, well put. Of course it’s not just the press that’s been infiltrated. And Boris clearly misses an open goal perhaps because he’s a bit infiltrated himself.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We like BoJo because he is a Brexit man. Unfortunately he is useless in the FCO. He has totally failed to bring home six ex British Army guys, held on nonsense charges in India. Put simply, he is the comedian where one is not required !
    One million for the media as some sort of bribe, is interesting. All I can make out of that, is that BoJo is very free with OUR money upon a tossed up idea of his own making. Sorry, but I think we can do without this comedian.

    • Ian Edwards says:

      Dead right. He’s only tolerated I think because May is outnumbered by anti Brexit traitors in her cabinet, after Brexit (or anti Brexit if May fails) he will be toast..

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