ITV’s ‘Exposure’: An Anti-British Hit-Job

Abigail Eatock

I joined UKIP as I believe that only UKIP are committed to providing true and fair democracy to Britain. As well as being a Politics and International Relations student at the University of York, I was also Chair of the UKIP society in York, as well as the Media Officer for YI UKIP Students. I was the Events Manager for the Peter Whittle leadership campaign. I am also an intern for The Bow Group, writing on UK and international security affairs.

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7 Responses

  1. David Hamilton says:

    its binary thinking which is by attacking one thing you sanitise the other. By making up lies and disinformation about one side you promote the other and whether the run-of-the-mill people who made this Establishment hit piece know it or not this gives succour to practitioners of FMG, Sharia courts, child rapes and even terrorism because those facts are presented as right-wing smears.

  2. John Carins says:

    The real extremists are those plotting to overthrow the Brexit referendum result. Why can’t we have a programme analysing all those involved and the antics that they get up to. These politicians and their supporters are the ones damaging the UK by their traitorous words and acts. These are the people who want to undermine the basic principles of democracy. It’s time they were called out and shut down.

  3. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Thank you Abigail for a well written and balanced article. What a pity some of our more well known MEPs can’t comment in such an erudite way to a massive problem that many refuse to acknowledge.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We live in confusing times don’t we ? The BBC have annoyed Conservatives by being too left wing, and then a member of my family, who I know votes Labour, complained that the Beeb was too Tory with a right wing bias. (I am still trying to find out about that) !
    I suppose ITV felt they were forgotten, so they go about upsetting people, although I did not see the program mentioned. By the way, I thought Ms. Waters had left UKIP to start her own Party, and taken her heavy hand on Islam with her. On this matter, I don’t think we need any new laws against Muslims. We just need the existing laws acted upon. That won’t happen until Government back Police, and Courts uphold the written law, rather than the p.c. version. – No go areas in Towns and Cities, plus Sharia law courts, come to mind as a start point, but Government, Courts and Police need to get their act together.
    The beauty of UK/GB law, is that it should be there for all of us, and each of us, the good, bad and ugly are required to keep to those laws. Once we permit that rule to go down, we are lost. Perhaps laws need to be rewritten and freshly dated, due to possible miss use which could be used now as presidents in cases. I think UKIP would take pleasure in doing that, once they get into the Commons.

  5. Graham says:

    UKIPs cooperation with this program, which should be more accurately described as a party political broadcast for HNH, is the real scandal. HNH have targeted Nigel for harassment for years and target individual UKIP candidates at election time. They are anti-democratic hate mongers. And yet UKIPs response, as laid out in Paul Oakden’s email yesterday, mentions none of this, instead it seems he joins HNH in their attack on AMW and says that views such as hers have no place in UKIP. Well hey Paul/Henry have you ever listened to Gerard Batten or Lord Pearson’s views? What are you going to do, throw them out too?

  6. As Mike Maunder writes, it appears those who govern us have completely lost the plot! & rather than upset minority groups of whatever persuasion, are hell-bent on infuriating we indigenous people’s by a sickening, sycophantic adherence to this Politically Correct garbage! The inevitable result of this pathetic “force feeding” has already alienated huge numbers of we Brits & with every day, more of us become less tolerant & frankly, more inclined to resent, even hate these people from the Middle East, Africa or wherever! We learn that a Foreign serial criminal, who was jailed whist awaiting deportation has been paid £75.000 plus!, simply because he spent too much time in prison? This utter stupidity &
    insulting waste of taxpayers money is one of hundreds of similar cases & we still can’t get rid of these criminals? One should ask the extremely generous Gov’t department that deals with these matters, why? We know ofcourse, because we can’t rid ourselves of this trash because of “their” human rights? But what about “Our human rights?” What about the junior School in Houghton Le Spring near Sunderland, who sent a twelve year old girl home telling her Mother she wanted to convert to Islam?
    What in Gods name was this about? All riding on the back of this appalling & hugely damaging PC nonsense. But whatever you do, don’t go around damning these PC adherents or the multicultural muppets because you will upset them & this would be really unkind! No, simply grin & behave in the appropriately submissive way of we indigenous people & allow anyone from anywhere, (other than our own Country ofcourse!) to arrive here, be handed money, the keys to a house & the absolute right to take over our Country within a very short time!
    Nonsense eh? I wonder?

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Just remember John, there is a saying, – from little acorns, great oaks do grow. I am worried that The British might loose their open way of acceptance of minorities. The fault for this is 100% Government, by being weak and spineless, and allowing too much immigration, too quickly. They in turn can state that the EU is at fault. Trouble is that Government has been instructed by the people, to get shot of membership of EU, yet we are still in that awful club.
      Today, being remembrance Sunday, struck me full square between the eyes. The cost in lives and money that this Nation has born for Europe in the last century, has been massive. Yet all we get now from their mouthpiece, the EU, is give us more money, a punishment for wanting to leave their club. Why oh why can’t we have the excellent rudeness of Nigel Farage, right now, telling them where to put their punishment. Just leave on WTO terms. Take the pension requirements of our MEPs into our own pay office. Get an active Navy to provide fisheries protection. Open the many trade requirements that are needed. If they keep claiming money, raise an invoice for two world wars that we, with British Commonwealth and Americans, won for them.
      It has taken over 40 years to get our Sovereignty back. Should we not now be showing what a Sovereign Nation is capable of. If the EU doesn’t like it, then they have that as their problem. This Nation, through history, has always had immigrants coming in, and that should continue, but on our terms. A bit like other normal Nations. For all this to happen, we will need a real Government, elected on PR voting, rather like the system we helped put in place in Germany. BUT DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH !

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