LABOUR CANDIDATE: Children ‘Brainwashed’ Into Thinking Hitler Was Bad Guy

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2 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    It’s such a shame that the history teachers in our school taught us nothing about islam, its crimes and conquests over 14 centuries and the danger it has always presented and still presents to the civilised nations of the world.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I find it very strange how, in these days, anyone can have a down on the Jews. Why the Jews ? Then there are the holocaust denying fools. – My Father was a NCO in the RAF, who was detailed to witness life at Belson camp, in the first 24 hours of its liberation, as a possible witness for war trials. It had such impact upon him, that he never told his parents, or my Mother, and it all flooded out to me at the 50 year anniversary of D day. Father gave me full details of that event, and I was able to understand how such an event became curtained off in his mind.
    As for Ms Khan’s stupid comment, what do you expect from a Jew hater ? Planting a Nation upon ground that was already owned by another Nation, was the work of the UN. They meant well, but with little common sense. I personally consider that the formation of Israel was correct, but no account was taken in the 1940s of the ability of the Jews, to turn scrub land into highly fertile ground. Israel became attractive, and many Jews wanted to live there, so the borders were stretched and the problem became what it is. Arab Nations had a concerted attempt to eradicate their enemy, and failed dismally, and that short war stretched the borders further.
    As for the Labour Party having a problem with some of its members being antisemitic, well what do you expect from people who wish to live on perpetual loans, with little chance of paying the loans off. The fact of the matter is that Labour people are not of sound mind, and are prepared to leave their financial problems to the following generations. If that is alright then I suppose a little Jew bashing is acceptable, if your mentally nuts !

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