OPINION: The Left Should Hang Its Head In Shame For Being Pro-EU

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I gave up talking to Labour people ages ago. Quite frankly the ordinary Labour Party member, and the Trades Union membership don’t want to take the time to understand politics. By constantly voting Labour, they seem happy enough to pass National debt onto their children, and for them, let the good times roll. (Problem is that we don’t have the good times with either of the main Parties !).
    Conservative, Labour and Lib/Dems are showing just how old and out of date they are. They were happy to continue in the EU, as it took away power from Westminster. You may think that is strange, but there is this bonus, of continued salary, but with an entity in another country that can be blamed, and then our Government can explain that we are covered by a Treaty that we must obey !
    We voted on a referendum to leave, and that mucked up the whole game. Suddenly it all gets too nasty, and our PM Cameron dives out of it, only for someone else to do the bidding of the people. WELL THAT IS THE THEORY. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL !

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    All valid points and I believe a lot or ordinary working class people realise this and will remain on Brexit target as they did in the actual referendum. The problem as I see it is that many so called Tory MPs are a bit pro Left corporatist and others pro Right corporatist, added together, T May has a bit of a job on her hands. The Elite are very powerful and she appears to be bravely battling on. This latest 2 week deadline from the EU will be her next test.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      When your down a hole, it is a good idea to stop digging ! I cannot remember when the Commons was such an ineffectual place, and in the light of the people telling Government what they want in regard to membership of the EU.
      We have the minority kicking sparks out of the majority, and that seems to be supported by Government. The Parties positions are all against the peoples wishes, although some MPs are going against their Party line.
      Is this Government playing some sort of end game that the people are unaware of ? I think we deserve a real Government, after all that is what our taxes are supposed to cover. This is not Government, IT IS JUST A DAMNED AWFUL MESS !

      • Ian Edwards says:

        I don’t disagree with you Mike. I think ‘Mess’ describes the UK government since 1946 – not that I am asking anyone else to agree with me.

        The other thing I just noticed having re-read the caption is that I didn’t answer the question! The answer (again my opinion not necessarily any one else’s) is ‘No, Labour shouldn’t hang its head in shame for being Pro-EU’. Why? Labour believes in BIG top down socialist government controlling the economy, education, health, propaganda, multiculture, multi-ethnicity, removal of nation state sovereignty, replacing the family and religion with the Uber state. That’s pretty much what floats the EU’s boat as well. They are both socio/fascist organisations signed up to identical goals. So no, labour should hold their heads up with pride and march in step and link arms with their EU bureaucracy brothers and Blairite hypocrisy. Don’t give Labour any credit whatsoever for being even vaguely democratic or possessing a conscience for ‘the people’, they are just sheep to be farmed for votes, bahh bahh.

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