EU Army – Fact Or Fiction?

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3 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    We have been slow to exploit this dreadful betrayal. This has been in the “in tray” for a while and only Veterans for Britain have been vocal on this issue. The defence of the Realm is by far the single most important policy and yet by stealth we are being corralled. We needed a campaign on this and its just going to happen – a fait accompli. If there is anything that points to treachery and the government’s true intentions with respect to Brexit it is this litmus test. We are now on the back foot when this could have been a rallying issue for all true Britons.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The EU has found a new weapon to win wars. It is called laughter. So much better than the efficient but dull force of NATO. Yes, the European forces, that have weekends off and speak different languages, will unite as the EU FORCES ! This will stop any would be enemy in its tracks, as its made up of two Nations defeated, two Nations that were neutral, and the rest that had to be liberated from its enemy by the British, British Commonwealth and Americans. – You could not make this up !
    Trouble is that the EU can make this up. What is worse, the British who have told Government to leave the EU, will spend time dicking about and may have to get involved in this bad joke. Where is Nigel Farage when you need him ? Why isn’t UKIP in the Commons when it is imperative ? By all means let us all have a good laugh at this extreme nonsense, but for goodness sake let us be sure to build up our own Services, and strengthen NATO, with the reasonable demands made by President Trump. (This time he is reasonable !).

  1. 10:27 pm, November 14, 2017

    […] attacks on the European Union and its crazy new schemes. First on the list – the new EU Army (as reported by Kipper Central) which he feared the UK Government would sign us up to, despite the clear vote for leave in last […]

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