EUROPE IN REVOLT – Catalans March Demanding Freedom For ‘Political Prisoners’

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Spain will always damage Democracy. Franco may be dead and gone, but his ways and methods are still intertwined in the legal fabric of that Nation. The very idea of a part of Spain becoming self governing is an anathema to Madrid, thanks to their fascist link to their past. It is worth the notice, that if a referendum was held in what we see as Catalonia, there is no guarantee of the result being for separation from Spain. It rather depends on where the border is drawn on the map. Personally I wish them well, and bask in the fact of our difference, as seen in the open Scottish referendum.
    Italy will be certain to be taking note of the Catalan question. For the years that I have been a very happy visitor to Italy, I have sensed that there are at least two countries present. The rich North, and the poor South. As that Nation is delved into deeper, it becomes clear that there are even more possible boarders that could be drawn, even going back to centuries old maps. Politics in Italy has been rather amusing for years, and if the EU actions and attitudes to Greece are added into the mix, it seems that the entire structure of the EU could start to crumble. WE WOULD DO WELL TO GET WELL CLEAR, SOONER, NOT LATER !

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