OPINION: Brexit Bashing Is Getting Boring

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3 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    I second everything you say – especially the well-deserved sarcasm. But the fact is that most, if not all, the politicos and journos you mention are dancing to the hard Left tune that has been playing non-stop for more than half a century, long enough for it to be regarded as received wisdom and to have infiltrated every public organisation and institution in the country. The most we can hope for is a bloodless revolution in which democracy and free speech are rescued from the Quisling ‘leaders’ who benefit from an undemocratic voting system. I’ve joined Anne Marie’s For Britain Party.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Staying in the EU is the easy option, but leaving is the correct one ! – Many Thanks Helen, for boiling the problem down to this simple statement. Those wishing to remain are the British without backbone. Yes, that is a little harsh, but when you work it out, if we were staying, then these people would be relaxed about joining the EU Defence Force, where our Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force would have to be blended into European forces. The ‘All for one, and one for all,’ approach worked well in story books, but at National level is as sensible as having one currency to fit all. It only works if all members have the same ability.
    It should be remembered, that an awful lot of European Nations were very pleased that we were singular and hands free, back in the early 1940s, and that we had such good friends in the Commonwealth and America. Memory seems to be short in Europe, and able to be changed by individuals with an axe to grind against UK/GB or NATO. The people wishing to remain, have a high ability to believe anything stated by the EU. For instance, ‘It is the EU that has kept the peace in Europe.’ – No mention of NATO, and I wonder why ? – But if the EU says it, it must be true.
    Then there is the fact, that anything built on lies, will surely fall. I am reminded of Ted Heath and the Common Market. ”No, no, no, there is no federalism involved in this, it is just a trading agreement.” LIAR ! He got away with it, because nobody had seen anything like it before, and that level of deceit had not been seen in a Prime Minister. Cameron tried the same before the referendum, but there were too many of us that remembered Heath. To be fooled twice, cannot be forgiven !
    It is very necessary to realise why all the official Party lines, were for staying in the EU. Now it could be argued that they all could see the tremendous upheaval that would take place if we were to leave. However, personally I see it in a different way. Being in the EU enhanced the scope and chance of continuing a job in politics. A whole new chamber of Parliament was open to them, with an even bigger reward system. They all were in the knowledge of Neil Kinnock’s sudden rise in income, and the way it was possible to get the wife receiving salary and expenses too. If you are as much a looser domestically as him, the EU could be used for a silver lining. Seems possible that could be something that occupied their minds, don’t you think ? This is a very big reason to elect UKIP into the Commons because it is so unusual to have MEPs working to do away with the perks of that job !

  3. Alex Gordon says:

    Well and even elegantly put. Those who are still arguing about whether or not we should leave are simply ignoring the fact that we ARE going to leave. How can any meaningful negotiations take place when there are so many on the home side pouring scorn on the leavers, and arguing for the away team. The ‘leave or stay’ was NOT simply about the economics of better or worse off (as relevant as that is) but rather about OUR country maintaining its status as A Free, Independent, Sovereign, Democratic Nation. Now why was that not seen as THE Issue, and why should there still be any voices (not least that of the National broadcaster) arguing that this Nation did not need to be Free, Independent, and Sovereign?

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