Racist And Bigot! Step-Dad ‘Terrified’ After Online Abuse

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7 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    This is really beyond limits. Send the same question to muslims to convert to Christianity n see response of moslims it will be shocking.
    Parents patience is being tested by such academic changes in favour of hijab n islam n halal.
    We have thousands of reasons that islam is religion of violence hate for infidels wars n agressive political agenda to convert all non muslims. All mentioned in koran. But schools need to stop influencing religion in academics.
    Stop brain washing kids n let them learn to respect others opinion n religions but no supermacy of islam. Koran is scientifically moraly politically n ethically wrong. Kiran said war against infidels n sun set in a muddy pool. Women testimony is half than men. Man can rape wife. Misogyny n man can have 7 wives sex slave n prophet muhammad married a 6 yrs old. How can u convince children to convert to such peadophil religion.

  2. Matt says:

    The same thing is tryin to be done at my son’s school,parents aren’t having any of it.So the school is now trying to do it as mandatory.Still the parents will not budge on the matter,and good on them.The idea of turning the tables and getting muslim kids to write letters to their parents to say they are converting to Christianity is a good one..And would go down like a lead balloon.They would never stand for that and im sure it would be a different matter if vice versa.

  3. Paul roche says:

    Fckin deluded libtards! why is he worried? This deviant bull cult deserves all the stick it gets.
    Oooooh scare Islam and Muslims are multiplying, only through division as in being blown to bits and fertilizing the desert.
    That and a little horse shit and we should have some canny leaks next year…..

  4. john johnston says:

    the disgraceful left wing and blinded to all but islam lefties need to be taken out of the educatoiion system as they are not teraching….they are indoctrinating……..surely moslem kids should be writing essays on ” why I should obey the laws of a country which has given me refuge ” ………

  5. Keith Neadley. says:

    Saudi and Iran have been backhanding anyone who promotes Islam. You can be paid into a Swiss account or an Offshore account and it will be entered under the heading “Consultancy Fees”. The Agencies involved here seek out ANYONE who can promote Islam. They have got to the Government, The Police, University Lecturers and now schools. They have a large number of people who, on being alerted by E-Mail, will send threats and target people who speak out. They have successfully targeted The Poppy and anything services related, they have successfully created no-go areas where the Police have to ask permission from an Imam to enter the area, these are set to increase in size as per the instructions followed by Islamic leaders which are : Establish a Mosque, grow the population by having LOTS of children, create an enclave edging anyone else out and eventually grow the enclave to meet other enclaves. If you say ANYTHING about this you will be called Racist, Bigot and a whole lot of other things in the instructions. To brainwash children into a death cult should be classed as child abuse.

    • Debbie Cook says:

      It is child abuse! To our children and their own. I took my youngest daughter out of School and home Schooled her because I didn’t like the way she was being taught. It’s almost like brainwashing. I bring my children up to have mind’s of their own. Even though I did it legally they still managed to take me to court and I have had to pay over £800.00 just to do what is right. My daughter heard this and I told her it was the best money I’d ever spent in my life. No-one is going to tell my kids how to think and act.

  6. Pamela Preedy says:

    Mr McLachlan has the absolute right to criticise islam as do we all. The death cult should NOT be on any school curriculum and the ‘educators’ who put it on are islamophiles who might be getting paid to promote islam – they need sacking, along with the leftard dhimmi teachers who take kids to mosques and the like. This is islamisation in action targeted at innocent children. Parents rise up and say NO!

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