BY-ELECTION WATCH: UKIP Lead The Charge Against Corruption

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Unless an Australian vote system is brought in Nationally, where it is a requirement to cast your vote, I don’t see how low turn outs can be avoided. Enforcing a vote would not be welcome in this Nation. I believe a change to a PR system would be worthwhile Nationally, but in a Council election, the light has to be self ignited with the knowledge that your vote can make the necessary change to your local Council. Good Luck to Jacqui Cummins, and the local UKIP Party.

  1. 7:54 pm, November 19, 2017

    […] Last Thursday saw a by-election in Hartlepool’s Victoria Ward where Labour, unfortunately, managed to pip UKIP at the post to win. However, it was UKIP’s best result in a by-election in 6 months and shows that as a Party we are still very much a political force to be reckoned with despite us being constantly written off by the mainstream media. […]

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