UKIP Sends Out An SOS – Save Our Services

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    UKIP is the Party that we need in Government. It is so obvious, and yet voters will take in all the disinformation that is fed to them, and have problems with letting go of old left, right and centre associations.
    The referendum vote, to leave the EU, is in fact a far greater move than just getting our independence back, important though that was. Over some years now, Government has been looking for ways to reduce their responsibilities, as the EU has taken more of Government from them. Their salaries have not been reduced, but risen well ahead of inflation. Then UKIP comes along and upsets the whole plan and stands for what the people want. The only Party, by official Party statement, that states what the people want, and they are not even in the House of Commons yet.
    It would seem that UKIP has the ear to the people, and wish to put this Nation first. When it is election time however, the people vote for the old discredited, dumb and deaf Parties, while they lap up all the nonsense fed to them, by the bought and paid for media, that have been instructed to bad mouth UKIP. Henry Bolton has now started well, with an obvious and overdue move, to give veterans of the Forces, the benefits that are due to them. This is in stark contrast to the Government’s ideas of giving benefits to returning ISIS personnel, which is the same as rewarding them for their acts of treason.

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