Indigo Group Look To Make A Mark On UKIP

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If I could see a tangible benefit to paying the EU, x billions for trade between us, I would still be against such a payment. What we are due to receive for this payment, is not what this Nation wants. It involves free movement, continued payment into the EU account, and to top it all, continued servitude to EU Courts. This all has nothing to do with independence !
    Robert McCulloch Martin’s comments, seem to follow the notion of regions of UK/GB, and is way too close to the EU’s thoughts to break up our British Union. One of the main points of the referendum, and true Brexit, is that we don’t want to stop immigration, but to have control over quantity and quality, or in other words Sovereignty of our own Nation. This is why we voted to make a clean break from the EU. Trying to cherry pick items within the EU will never be accepted by them, nor should we try for it. Just get out, and with the passage of time and necessity, we look forward to a changed EU, or individual trade with European Nations, but that will be after trade arrangements with the rest of the world.

  2. Paul Biggs says:

    The ‘rivers of blood speech’ is misunderstood – it was not a prophecy, Powell used the Aeneid to convey his own sense of foreboding.

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