DAVID ROWLANDS AM: If UKIP is Bold and Espouses These Policies, We Will Have a Very Bright Future Indeed

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6 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    What a pity that the party membership rejected Anne Marie Waters as leader. You are absolutely right David, but AMW has now formed her own party with policies and ideals very similar to those you would like to see in UKIP. Furthermore, after a disappointing outcome of the UKIP leadership election, AMW has attracted a great many of UKIP members and supporters. Her “For Britain” party will therefore dominate the political spectrum in all the matters you mention. UKIP had its chance, and sadly it was wasted.

  2. Bryan Partington says:

    Stop the islamisation of schools and ban muslim only schools. We are constantly told that espousing christianity in our schools is wrong whilst closing our eyes when it comes to islam. AMW had one thing right when she said we must stop the rise of islam in the west and in this country

  3. Serena Lonton says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant! This is what UKIP should be doing – raising b****y hell!

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Quite right David Rowlands. One caution that should be held to, is costing. By all means lets have the good ideas that UKIP come up with and are nicked by the Conservatives, but don’t shoot from the hip on this. Get new proposals totally costed first, and then trumpet them as part of the UKIP manifesto. Just do the homework first, or even better, get a respected, non aligned accountant to check costs.

  5. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    The success of any political, be it big or small, lies in not just policy but those that deliver and represent their party.
    When Nigel Farage resigned we lost more that just a leader because he was able to capture the attention of the media without trying. Now we have a whole gaggle of MEPs and a Party Leader that are never heard of from one week to the next.
    Until we find a way of communicating our ideas to a wider audience we will remain a small and almost irrelevant party or even just a protest group. Leave.eu publish regular news letters all well written to a wide audience. In UKIP we don’t see anything similar being produced.
    Simply preaching to the converted will change nothing. It can be said that AMW would have brought something different to UKIP but I doubt if it would have been beneficial.
    Our new leader is not even paid by the party and has to earn his living elsewhere. Our MEPs have just over sixteen months to go before they become unemployed. We need donors as well as publicists to promote us and give the ordinary member any hope. Arron Banks was chucked out with the bath water and is unlikely to return. Many of the other big donors have also gone away.
    Politics is an expensive business and whilst we can have all the biggest and best policy ideas they will come to nothing without financial backing.

    • Geoffrey Bastin says:

      Having read Henry Bolton’s news letter to the membership after drafting my previous comment we can now see the dire state that UKIP’s finances are in.
      I for one will be urging branches to dig deep and support his appeal for money to keep the ship afloat.
      I still wonder why the new leader is so bogged down in administration rather than concentrating on the political and policy side of the business. Where are the behind the scenes personnel such as the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary in all this. It’s strange how Diane James had many bright ideas for reorganising the party and was bluntly prevented whereas Henry seems to be in his element organising the troops into some military formation.
      Let’s hope that this time around we are more grateful of these efforts and the benefits that will flow from them.

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