O’Flynn BLASTS Left-Wing ‘Intolerance’ And ‘Disgraceful’ Eurocrats

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2 Responses

  1. John Wright says:

    Talking with a friend who has just returned from Germany, it appears many ordinary Germans are as frustrated by the “blocking” of Britain’s BRexit talks because they really believe the end result will be bad for them, the French & the Spanish! A number of these people work for BMW & their subsidiaries & they strongly suspect the Commissioners are conducting these negotiations purely on the basis of what they want, not what the member Nations want? Clearly, voices are now being raised as to why this is & as has been demonstrated recently, a number of these Countries are now seeking their own departures from the EU! Mrs May needs to get off her backside & order the negotiations to cease immediately since this prolonged nonsense is causing more & more confusion & really, Britain holds all the aces, therefore concessions of any kind merely lead to prolonging the rising anger of we people & to further huge expense that we cannot afford. Frankly, Mrs May’s continual interference during this whole BRexit negotiation has been a complete disaster & she has to go at the first realistic opportunity. What we needed at this critical time in our history was someone of great vision & superb negotiating skills, total belief in Britain & it’s people & who will not buckle under pressure.
    Sadly, Theresa May has non of these qualifications & she has let Britain down.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      I find myself in total agreement with you, John Wright. Also Thank you Darrell for the concise report of Mr. O’Flynn’s remarks and findings. I have just been reading about the EU’s decision to ban any British entry of a City of Culture. When I stopped laughing, I wondered if they could also ban the Eurovision Song Contest !
      Doesn’t this just bring the whole EU nonsense down to the lowest denomination ? I am sure, Maggie May, that you would not lower yourself to use my words, but they really should be told to just F++k off. They act like Dick Turpin with their cash demands, and are unable to sign off their own accounts ! They are all set to make a pig’s breakfast of Brexit, even though it will hurt their member states, quite badly ! We must just up-sticks and leave on WTO terms, but invite them to seek an appointment in London, when they have come to their senses. Always assuming that they have senses to come to. LET US HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM NOW !

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